Women farmers
Women farmers

Namibia’s Agriculture, Water, and Forestry Ministry said Wednesday that it has paid around 20.92 million Namibia dollars (1.36 million U.S. dollars) to help farmers cope with drought.

A total of of 18.6 million Namibia dollars (1.2 million U.S. dollars) was paid to 3,031 claimants under the Livestock Marketing Incentives Scheme, the ministry said, adding that an additional 2,353 claims are being processed for payment.

Under another scheme, farmers filed 4,510 claims for animal feed subsidy, and 1,440 of those claims have been processed and 1.6 million Namibia dollars (104,371 U.S. dollars) paid.

The ministry also paid 717,000 Namibia dollars (46,771 U.S. dollars) for lease of grazing and transport claims. Enditem



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