Namibia joins SADC, AU in urgent plea to lift unilateral sanctions on Zimbabwe


Namibia on Tuesday joined the Southern African Development Community (SADC), a regional bloc, and the African Union with a resounding call for immediate and unconditional relief from unilateral sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Penda Naanda, the executive director of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, said in a statement that the SADC is calling for the lifting of sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe to realize their aspirations for sustainable socioeconomic development.

“The proponents of sanctions against one of SADC’s member states should not think that sanctions on the Republic of Zimbabwe are only affecting certain individuals. These sanctions affect, directly or indirectly, foreign direct investments in Zimbabwe and other SADC countries, thereby affecting the general stability in the region,” he said.

With less than eight years left before the realization of the UN Agenda 2030, Naanda said the international community should assist Zimbabwe in reaching the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to transform their economy and bring about prosperity for the people of Zimbabwe.

Western nations imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in the early 2000s in response to the southern African nation’s land reforms program which aimed to redistribute rural land from the white minority to the majority black population.

Every year on Oct. 25, the 16 SADC member states reaffirm their opposition to the unjust, unilateral and illegal economic sanctions imposed by some Western countries against Zimbabwe.

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