Namibia started consultations Monday in Windhoek ahead of the second land conference scheduled for Sept. 18 to 22 this year.

The first land conference was held in 1991, a year after Namibia attained independence.

Although the conference was supposed to have been held last year but the government had to postpone it citing lack of funding.

The two-day consultative workshop is being attended by regional governors, traditional authorities, farmer organizations and regional councillors.

The planned conference comes when some minority tribes have been calling on the government to return the land taken away from their ancestors by the Germans.

Addressing the gathering land reform minister Utoni Nujoma said the consultative workshop should discuss the land issue as preparations for the conference to be held in Sept.

Nujoma also said that the land question is a political, social and economic issue that should be addressed in order to help the government achieve some of its programs.

“This time we are also guided and make reference to our different experiences as Namibian on what has worked, what did not work, what is currently not working, what needs to be adjusted, fine-tuned or totally discarded in terms of our policy and legal framework,” Nujoma said.

Khomas governor Laura McLeod Katjirua, whose region is co-hosting the workshop, said the convening of the workshop was timely given that Namibia lags behind in addressing the land issue.

“Land has been a fundamental issue in the struggle for liberation. The fundamental basis of all wealth and power is the ownership and acquisition of leasehold title to land,” she told the delegates.


Source: Xinhua/