Experts from the security sector from about 25 countries will meet in Namibia for a five-day seminar, themed as “Enhancing the Continent-Wide Maritime Security Architecture in Africa,” from May 13.

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies will host the event, which will be the Center’s second annual Whole-of-Africa Maritime Dialogue following the first, which was in March 2018, Eric Atkins, Public Affairs Officer in U.S. Embassy in Namibia, announced Thursday.

Atkins said the seminar will be attended by professionals from the security sector with responsibilities and expertise in the design and execution of maritime security programs and policies.

According to Atkins, a key recommendation arising out of the 2018 Whole-of-Africa Maritime Security Dialogue was to devote collective effort toward clarifying and connecting the maritime security architecture in Africa.

“The proliferation of instruments and institutions has created a complicated maritime security landscape. It has created instances of duplication, gaps, overlap, conflict, and confusion, reducing financial and personnel efficiencies and resulting in initiatives or mechanisms that may not deliver effective results,” he added.

Meanwhile, the center supports United States foreign and security policies by strengthening the strategic capacity of African states to identify and resolve security challenges in ways that promote civil-military cooperation, respect for democratic values, and safeguard human rights. Enditem



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