Namibian mobile company, MTC has set its eyes on providing low-cost houses to the homeless and targets to hand over close to 270 houses in the next 2 years, said MTC chief human capital officer, Tim Ekandjo, on Thursday.

In 2018, MTC made a joint donation in collaboration with China’s Huawei to the tune of 10 million Namibia dollars to boost the Shack Dwellers Federation through the “Buy A Brick” project to build houses.Ekandjo said the envisaged houses will be spread among nine regions in 16 targeted towns. “Although these towns have been targeted, the building can only start depending on the availability of land by town councils, village councils and municipalities to the Shack Dwellers Federation,” he said.

It is estimated that there over 308 informal settlements in Namibia with a staggering 228,000 shacks accommodating about 995,000 people in urban areas, he said. “This means close to 40 percent of the Namibian population is now living in shacks in urban areas, predominantly in Windhoek,” he added.

Ekandjo said given the high number of Namibians without housing, MTC has taken this project very seriously. “We believe that our partnership with the Shack Dwellers Federation through the ‘Buy A Brick’ project is something that must become a success so that we restore the dignity of so many Namibians,” he concluded.



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