Nana Aba Anamoah is a good lier and very Pompous – Agyemang Berko



Barely 24 hours after TV3 released a press statement on the suspension of it?s presenter Nana Aba Anamoah, Richard Agyemenag Berko writes this;

This TV3 Network press release from ?Adesa We? is the right ?gyimisem? to stir my desire to waste a little bit of my life on Nana Aba Anamoah. Maybe I should. Of course they deserve each other. Maybe I will be so forth coming with reasons they deserve each other that I will be hauled to court for libel. I am trying to block images of the stupid swag and arrogance she would have ?wore? to appear before the stupiddisciplinary committee of TV3. Do you know Nana Aba? I do not as well. Not worthy. Very few children of God are.

The last time I was too close to her was when we were both in a queue to buy food about 11 years ago. She was in front of me and just after she had placed her order of Konkonte and soup, she had a phone call from a very renowned Ghanaian football administrator.

This elderly man, (as Nana Aba later explained loud enough for anybody to hear) had a crush on her and had set his life aim on wanting to impress so was among other efforts calling that afternoon to, as it were, ?make progress?. Nana Aba immediately switched her tone to coo this old fool and in that same breath explained to this experienced fool that she was actually having lunch at Golden Tulip or some other fancy place bi( you don?t expect me to have kept that particular detail after all these years right?) so he should call back. Ladies and gentlemen, we were at a blue kiosk 5 meters away from the back exit gate of TV3.

Lying to an old fool is not a sin even in heaven but the way and manner she let everybody in on her private ?situation? in a public place was loud. Too loud actually. And to a moral fault. After she had ended her brief convo, she ? wu ani achi nwin dwini te s3 aboa bi a osh3 nwurem, op3nyin toto. S3 mi di di wie a, )b3 ti mi nka?. Gyimee, nea 3ha koraa mpo ni s3, s3 oka ni tri mu yomo aa, ya na ni wir3 3fi ne ni 3kyi nwin? In English, it is more like this ? your eye brows like a certain animal in the forest. Old Fool. When I am done eating, he will hear of me. Idiot, what irks me most is that when he is dying the grey in his hair, he forgets to dye his eye brows.?

I didn?t feel pity for the man but the realization that a young woman who has worked hard to position herself as one of Ghana?s normal option to the bland news broadcast from GTV for centuries could be so cheap and pompous bothered me. As for CNN, ei sorry TV3, who even asked them to instigate internal proceedings? Who? What right did those angels in heaven have?

When did DKB, Ghana?s foremost comedian assume full control of the Chief Executive Officer position of TV3? Who died? I mean what type of biblical wisdom went into this joke of suspending @thenanaaba who has 164000followers on Twitter by @tv3ghana which has 10000 followers?

?After preliminary investigations internally, and in accordance with TV3?s own commitment to the highest level of professionalism,management has decided to take Nana Aba Anamoah Off air until further notice.
As a broadcast network that prides itself in upholding high ethical standards and delivering credible and trustworthy content to its viewers?

Hahahahaha hahahahaha.

Like the sensible Mrs. Esi Assiedua Acheampong posted on her Facebook wall moments after the press statement had been issued and sign by Saint Augustus B Dickson,

?Tv3 goofed big time. The prank even added more viewers to your existing viewers. She is loud mouthed and all but she kept your station relevant one way or the other.?

As for those who are just envious of the very miserable Nana Aba Anamoah, this is what she recommends you do ?dance, just don?t dance on what you think is my grave. God is not done yet? by King KwAsi Kyei Darkwah aka KKD( The Royal?. Idk)


Credit: Richard Agyemang Berko @uhurubardman |

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