The flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, has stated that Ghanaians desperately want the return of the NPP after experiencing the failed leadership of the ruling NDC.

Speaking to a section of the Ghanaian community in the United States of America where he was invited to outline his plans for Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo said Ghanaians can now differentiate between the previous NPP and the current NDC governments and can now decide for themselves come the December general elections.

“Now we have less than 11 months to another crucial election, well as we say in Ghana that the people have tasted both water and alcohol and they now know the difference between the two,” he said. “I believe the majority of the Ghanaian people are convinced that the NPP vision for Ghana is the most formidable preposition to develop our country. ”

Outlining his vision for Ghana, the former Attorney General and Minister for Justice promised that his government will “build an educative workforce to compete for better jobs for Ghana, strengthen social systems like schools and the National Health System to ensure that Ghana invests in the human capital, develop relations and infrastructure to lessen the burden of doing business in the country and across the region, enhancing public safety, protecting the environment on our borders, promoting Ghanaian entrepreneurs as critical partners in the country growing economy and promoting Ghana as a service and industrial sector for West Africa. ”

Nana Addo said his government will create a level playing field for both local and foreign investors to properly operate without any form of preferential treatment. The NPP flagbearer said his administration will not discriminate against investors from the West.

According to the former foreign affairs minister, although he welcomes the readiness of the world’s fastest growing economy, China, to assist Ghana with her development, his administration would ensure American investors are also featured in access to investments.

“The last few years have seen new hurdles thrown up in front of eager investors with preferential treatment given to one’s that may not have our national interest at heart, we must reverse this course and return to one of the transparent themes where all the investors compete on a level playing field,” Nana Addo stated.

Source Citifmonline Ghana



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