It is said that the more a monkey climbs, the more you see the full circumference of its backside. Agains, it is said that if you know you are not fully covered, the more you climb a tree on the applause of those standing under the tree, be aware that they only want to have a full view of you backside hence the applause of encouragement.

It is at the back of these two sayings that I would like to commend the handlers of Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo for praising him to climb higher and eventually getting exposed to this level.

Hold on a bit, I can?t remember what I was doing this week at a point when I heard the advertisement of an impending interview he was scheduled with the British Broadcasting Corporate (BBC). I had not paid serious attention as previous interviews turned to be a flop.

As a matter of fact and record, on the same network somewhere in the lead up to the 2012 elections, an opportunity like this was either presented or sought for as I could remember in one of his praises that he had been a long standing BBC speaker, which ended up exposing his number one tramp card into that elections FREE SHS. On that show, he could not present the total cost of the project to the people of the world with a swift assurance of breaking the supposed political news to Ghanaians upon arrival. As it stands, you and I know where it ended.

It was on the back of this that I did not pay much attention to the interview advertised this week.

Then, I heard the interview played on a local radio station in Ghana and I was never proven wrong.

In the interview, the supposed Messiah that his followers have made him, has stated emphatically that he was going to TRY TO SEE IF HE COULD DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THE FACTS OF OUR SOCIETY. I want to know, which facts of our society? I know that these fact he would have tried to change or establish would have been effective if he was to write a thesis that would pass for a PhD. But political calls and the call to deliver is not a script for the marking for the award of any academic certificate and a hypotheses could not be established for his prove or disprove.

I always say that what you are not, when people try to associate that to you, you either reject it at the initial stage, or you are forced to live up to that standard you have been projected to from thence.

As it turns out, Nana Addo has made it clear to us that he has absolutely no idea how to solve the problems of this country. In effect, not too long ago, in an interview on how he intended solving this energy crisis in the event that he become president, he stated emphatically that HE WOULD SET UP A COMMITTE TO LOOK INTO THE ISSUE.

A committee to look into a mater that a government in power had tasked a ministry to undertake and resolve? This could only pass as a joke of the century.

As stated by one of the interviewers on the platform, he conveniently swerved all questions asked him and in its place, rather made mockery of himself. But, for the fact that we are trained to respect adults in Africa as stated by the female interviewer, we turn to glorify adults who have nothing up for the development of this country and fail to tell them in the face, that, we want people who would take decisions that would favour generations they relate to and not people who would take decisions whose effects they would not be around to see.

Have you asked yourself why the long standing advertised interview never had the same projection after it was done and concluded? They have admitted they flop hence the desire and reference to stay off the ?plague?.

It could be for one thing. In recent times and for that matter this week, there was a tape played on a local radio station where a plan was hatched and outlined and members declared as ?enemies? of Nana Addo were marked out. Could it be that these enemies are such close that their claps are resonating in his pride and getting him to climb that high so his true content could be exposed for the appreciation of Ghanaians? Well! I can only thank them for their efforts and we shall diagnose and proscribe as well as prescribe for the appreciation of all! I did not arrange the interview after all! Thank you!

Source: Stephen Kwabena Attuh, ASK!

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