Nana Nketia urges government to invest in herbal medicine

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Herbal medicine

Accra, Ghana – Nana Nketia, a respectable herbal practitioner in Ghana, has admonished the government of Ghana to look into the development of the local herbal industry and look for ways of adding value to Ghanaian herbs for export.

He made this call during an annual herbal workshop organized by the African Chamber of Content Producers (ACCP), where he showcased some local herbal plants and their benefits. He said that Ghana has a rich biodiversity of medicinal plants that can be used to treat various diseases and improve the health of the people.

He said that the government should always look for alternative ways of revenue generation for the country instead of focusing on taxes and levies. 

“According to Market Research Future, the global herbal medicine market is projected to reach a staggering $271.4 billion by 2027, fueled by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4%. While Africa boasts a vast treasure trove of medicinal plants, it currently captures only 2% of this global market, presenting a golden opportunity for Ghana to claim its rightful share” he reiterated.

He further claimed that local herbs provide healing for several ailments without side effects. He cited examples of some herbs, such as prekese, which he said can cure High Blood pressure, clear eyesight, diabetes, and hypertension; and Sempe leaves, which he said can boost the immune system, enhance sexual performance, and prevent constipation.

As a prominent member of the ACCP’s Herbal Department, Nana Nketia champions the increased use of African herbs by Africans and their promotion on the world stage. During the workshop attended by other members of the Chamber, he showcased some herbal products that address ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, and immune system deficiencies. The Knowledge of these herbs passed down through generations, exemplify the immense potential of Ghana’s herbal heritage.

Nana Nketia urged the government to invest in research and development to enhance value addition, standardize product quality, and unlock the full potential of Ghana’s diverse plant resources. He also urged the relevant government agencies to provide comprehensive training and certification programs for herbal practitioners to ensure the safety, efficacy, and sustainability of the industry. He also pleaded with government to offer tax incentives and other support to attract investors and entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and propelling the industry forward.

His call extends beyond the halls of government, He also called on Investors and organizations to consider partnering with local communities and practitioners to cultivate, process, and market high-quality herbal products, creating jobs and contributing to economic diversification.

He called on Africans to embrace locally-sourced herbal products as natural and potentially effective alternatives, supporting both their health and Africa’s economic development.

“The herbal industry represents a goldmine for Ghana’s future. By harnessing our unique plant resources, building a robust and well-regulated industry, and embracing innovation, we can create wealth, improve health, and stand tall on the global stage,” emphasizes Nana Nketia.

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