Nana Perbi and Rev. Adjei Baffour touched Souls at New Heights Comm. Church


Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor

Most Angels of God, believed to be sent from heaven, were seen last Friday night at the New Heights Community Church, Legon, between the hours of 7 to 9pm, touching souls, healing and delivering people from bondages. But only those with the eyes of the spirit can confirm their presence.
Rev. Adjei Baffour
In reality, upon many signs of angelic manifestations coupled with the supernatural feelings that come with it, even mere people among the congregation say they can confirm their presence as it is clearly evident.

These angelic manifestations coupled with the spiritual unfolding that characterized the two-hour worship service dubbed “absolute worship” became a reality when a small group of worshipers led by the two powerful minsters of God, Ps. Nana Adjei Perbi and the host, Pastor Rev. Adjei Baffour in Accra last Friday, 24 April, 2015.

“Absolute Worship” is a worship program initiated by the Head Pastor of the New Heights Community Church, Rev. Adjei Baffour with the aim of helping people realize what true worship is all about and also reach out to people who are having challenges in life but needs God’s intervention for a breakthrough.

According to Rev. Baffour, who raised concern about the misplaced of worship in church these days, said, true worship in church has been taken for granted, “joke and play” he described it, adding, “it has lost it’s touch and beauty,” he stressed.

He further explained: ?The secret and blessing in worship has been misplaced and lost, so when we come to church, we joke with worship; we can sing and do worship but meanwhile it’s dry, “our hearts are not into it?.

“Most people come to church to joke and play with worship, mostly we don’t come out with true worship, and we joke with it. The reality of worship has lost its beauty and touch” he posited.

This, he said is the reason why God has tasked him to initiate the “absolute worship” program “where people will meet and worship as kings”.

“We will cast our crowns before him and say he is the king of kings; as lords, we will tell him he owns us even though he has given us things to own and then as God’s, we will salute him that he is the God of all Gods,” he maintained.

Rev. Baffour also admonished churchgoers not to focus so much attention on singing praises to God in church but rather pay much attention towards worships to God which he said, takes people much closer to God; even into his secret places than praises which only bring God to people.

?You can praise God.., praises brings God to us, but when it comes to worship, worship takes you to God and into the secret place of God that?s why in worship, there are prophecies and other spiritual manifestations? he said

The manifestation of God’s presence at work was awesome which most patrons greatly felt, prevented them from neither sitting down or standing, but just lost in the presence of God when the two anointed ministers of God moves into action with a clash power, healing and delivering people, touching their souls amidst ministering and prophetic declarations.

One of the Pastors, Royal Ps. Nana Perbi, serving as a guest minister, blessed with the power of deliverance and a sensational Gospel artiste who led the absolute worship session commanded the angels from heaven with his soul soothing voice, electrifying the entire atmosphere surrounding the church which saw most people afflicted healed, delivered from bondages and touched by the Holy Spirit.

Leticia Godzo, one of the patrons who claimed she has experienced some paranormal occurrence during the service explained, she witnessed the presence of saints, example of some of them, she alleged, is David, Moses, Elijah, Saul among others apart from seeing the angels of God.

Another patron, Ms. Francisca Afari who is said to have been delivered spiritually from the spirit of death, according to Rev. Baffour said, she felt relieved like there’s no problem in this world just after the service. “I cannot explain exactly how i feel but i guess it feels like when you are thirsty and all of a sudden you’ve been helped with a bottle of cold water which you managed to hurriedly gulp down your throat.” she said.

Meanwhile the Head Pastor of the New Heights Community Church, Rev. Adjei Baffour, a true servant of God, endowed with prophecy who initiated and hosted the program said, God’s anointing during the absolute worship session was remarkable causing the appearance of angels from heaven descended in the place of worship performing different spiritual duties which some people have attested to through spiritual manifestations, signs and wonders at display.

By Joseph Kobla Wemakor|

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