NASA Scrubs Artemis Moon Rocket Launch Over Fuel Leak

NASA 2020

NASA again delayed the test launch of an uncrewed Artemis mission around the moon on Saturday after the rocket sprang another dangerous fuel leak.

“The Artemis I mission to the Moon has been postponed. Teams attempted to fix an issue related to a leak in the hardware transferring fuel into the rocket, but were unsuccessful,” the space administration said.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told the press after the failed launch that the mission would go ahead “when it’s ready.”

“The Mission Management Team is meeting this afternoon… They are going to see if there is still a possibility now or if they are going to roll it back into the vehicle assembly building,” Nelson said.

“If they decide that is the case, then it will be an October launch… Although the window opens early, I suspect it would be more like the middle,” he suggested.

The launch was poised for a take-off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday but the test was scrapped over a series of issues, including a helium leak and engine trouble. If successful, it will pave the way for human lunar exploration.

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