The parliamentary aspirant for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Okaikoi North constituency, Mr. Nasiru Abdul Abbas is poised to win okaikoi North seat in the 2012 general elections with a onetouch victory.


Speaking in exclusive interview, Mr. Nasiru Abdul Abbas, believes that the time has come for Okaikoi North constituency to pay attention to one cardinal need in the constituency which is developing the human resource base.

“This is time to have full representation on the issues comfronting our Human Resources Development in the house of parliament. By Human Resource Development, we mean providing the structures, facilities priviledges and the environment that ensures that our community members have access to quality education, good healthcare delivery, proper sanitation practices and skills development,? he stressed.

Mr. Nasiru reiterated that this is the time for a total development of the human capacity biulding in the community, indicating that the community members will not only have access to these services but derive maximum benefit from them and believes that a community that develops its human resources would have developed the needed capacity in its members to confront other majorproblems with determination and hope.

Mr. Nasiru Abdul Abbas therefore explained that the challenge is to develop the human resource base for accelerated development in the community that ensures quality of life for all people in the Okaikoi North constituency.




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