Natalia Zubizarreta shares the impact of the changing world on interior design

Natalia Zubizarreta
Natalia Zubizarreta

Natalia Zubizarreta, one of the leading Spanish interior decorators, is all about transferring life’s improvisations onto the tableau of a home. Her passion leads, and beauty is her mentor.

As an industry, interior design is undergoing a redesign of sorts—a transformation that reflects the mood of the decade. That mood is what Natalia Zubizarreta calls ‘cool vibrancy.’ Stressing her point, she says, “Since the turn of the millennium, time has picked up speed. You can see it all around you. I won’t say that all the results it has yielded are good, but there is a general change in the way people look at the world, starting with their home. As people are getting more global and socializing more than ever, they want their homes to reflect who they are. To do that, they hire people like me to help them understand what they want. For me, that’s the beginning of magic.”


Natalia Zubizarreta loves to let her intuitive powers guide her process. She says,” I grew up in a humble household where beauty and aesthetics were paramount. As I grew, that understanding grew with me, and I feel it’s the best time yet for someone like me to express their sense of aesthetics freely. When I work the interiors of a home, I like to get a sense of what the house is about and what the inhabitants are like. This gives me a start. Then it’s back to the drawing board where I try to think like a ballerina. Why? Because they know lines, forms, silhouettes, grace, and power all together more than anybody else. And then, it’s a dance of thoughts and ideas of doing away with clunk and weaving in a tapestry of decoration that is full-bodied, easy-going, stoic yet fun.”


The world is changing faster than we can comprehend. A beautiful home indeed becomes a sanctuary during such times.

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