There have been millions of perspectives on the concept of indiscipline, being a threat quality education and national development. It is really at my interest to elaborate on what is meant by indiscipline. This can be said to be a form of behaviour put forth by an individual or a group of persons that violates the laws, values and norms of a group or society and therefore considered by others as undesirable. A threat on the other hand is said to be something behaving dangerously towards another in a particular way.

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There are countless forms of indisciplinary acts in which members of individuals tend to expose all day long. Some of these include bribery and corruption, which is mostly done by politicians and various managers and officers, fighting and assault, as a result of misunderstanding, littering of waste products indiscriminately, truancy, robbery, irresponsibility, obstinate, disobedience, laziness and so forth.

Adequate and efficient manipulation of individuals with discipline, contemporary, appears to be tedious. Most people then become reluctant and hence neglect their wards, one way or the other. This is as a result some accompanying facts, which include peer pressure. Not all, these neglected individuals who find themselves in various institutions tend to exhibit their attitudes towards their classmates, form masters and even to head teachers. Such individuals thus become harmful materials in the midst of the other students. Most students in short-run copy these abominable behaviours and eventually keep on spreading endlessly.

Quality education as attained by most of our fore-leaders which include; Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and General Lt. I.K Acheampong, in Ghana, Nelson Mandela of South African, Abraham Lincoln of United State of America, and currently Nana AkofoAddo Dankwa of Ghana and David Cameron in the United Kingdom, grasped much commitment and discipline. This is to say, there was nothing like indiscipline. That actually consequently helped the former president Kwame Nkrumah to accomplish independence to the Gold Coast (now ?Ghana?) on MARCH, 1957. Is of no doubt that indiscipline retards victory, destroys mission and dismantles ideas. Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Hussein Obama with discipline won an election in the United State of America.

Any government would want to do all that it may takes, purposely to upgrade the level of its nation. However,without a significant contribution of the citizens, all fall in vein. There would be many testimonials to that.Illiterates specifically tend be ignorant when talking of discipline. Literates on the other hand tend to forget of themselves. These groups of people thus end up doing more indiscipline acts. Of course these violate the well-being of the people and the stability of the nation.

The Mirror, on Saturday, September, 11 2010 noticed, a certain trader named Vivian Boadu at 33 years who has been sentenced by the Kumasi high court to three- year imprisonment as a result of beating up one of her children with a cable. This 5-year-old daughter was left with severe bruises all over her body. Again, a 32-year old Nigerian, Chibuzor Iwabu was murdered by his accomplices after they have allegedly engaged in a cyber-fraud popularly known as ?Sakawa?. This was after the deceased was said to have cashed an amount of 320 Euros.

The first issue mentioned above can be said as lack of control (as the Longman dictionary denotes) in the behaviour of a group of people or an individual which is said to have an intensive output to our living. This has made the Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), expressing a concern about the conflicts associated with parliamentary primaries across the country. Additionally, the Ashanti Regional Secretariat of the Conventional Peoples Party (CPP) called on the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party to institude disciplinary action against Mr. F.A Jantoah over his statements, calling on the party?s flag bearer to resign if he could not test a serious fraud office finding him in court (Daily Graphic on Saturday 21-June,2008).’

If all these are been undertaken, they go to a very high extent declining the national development if critical assessment is observed .Our quality education is been undermined due to indiscipline. Now, a fair percentage of our schooling population does not possess a very good sight, even to headmasters. Pupils frown to education; they step on it, instead of uplifting it. The motive behind their minds is ?a means of wasting their time?. This is as a result of lack of good control at their background, hence indiscipline. Saddam Hussein made Iraq unstable-making education highly retarded. It goes down preventing students from going out for school, day in and day out.

Refuse was heaped at the street of Sekondi-Takoradi for days before they were collected. And in a way to reduce the size of the heaps, part of the rubbish was burnt creating thick smoke that find its way to nearby houses, thereby outbreak of diseases. This dangerous disease of indiscipline brings about extremely serious events. A fifty-six years old man had raped a thirteen- year old girl. This has led to the girl to be a school drop-out. What a paradox! Our big men in the nation sometimes overlook some of these peculiar issues. This makes some more people indulging themselves in these overlooked acts.

The tendency of selfishness, ignorance, and arrogance had broken ones education leading to its extinct. Our leaders today claim to possess all the content as far as discipline is concerned. However a minister called soldiers from the camp on the mobile phone to bundle the police up after they (the police) have arrested him for his reckless driving; thinking he had done something right. The soldiers attended to his will and eventually one of the policemen died.

In Ghana for instance, indiscipline (to be precise, lack of education), since our tender ages had built many people to become highly irresponsible. They then take the gun as their mean of surviving. Some too start taking in drugs which are very harmful the body. The police in Wa arrested a driver and his mate for allegedly possessing 54 sacks containing parcels of suspected narcotic drugs. These people become a liability on the nation and the most hurting part is adding up to the population without any contribution. Indiscipline is inevitably a threat to national development. Refusal to pay taxes is also a form of indiscipline. If a citizen refuses to pay taxes continuously, it decreases the government?s revenue, which would have been used for providing social amenities like schools for education and pipe-born water to enhance the living standard of the people.

Workers fixed at certain working positions exhibit laziness, embezzlement and many sorts of bad working attitudes. Shoddy output then becomes the story of the day. The most poisonous portion is that, they are rather paid with over millions of dollars, living the most industrious and loyal ones. A typical example is a 20-year old worker, Michael Safo who allegedly stole a total of one hundred and eighty-eight(188) assorted full pieces of wax printers worth four thousand eight hundred and sixty Ghana cedis(GHC4,860) belonging to a woman and her daughter at Gomoa Aboso, near Agona Swedru last Friday; brought out by the ?Mirror?.

Our politicians grasp our hands firmly, leading to the darkness, where could see nothing through their sweet words. Most of them have absolutely nothing doing with faithfulness. They seems to be in heaven when in power. They tend to forget of those made them so. Now this is our end, joblessness, low level of education, and the like. Left for me alone, all must be vexed before voting, or taking part in decision making, but here be the case, people who are even not eligible are bribed to vote for the innocent. This would have helped eradicated all these untrustworthy politicians ?therefore development in the nation. Also, I think victims must be severely punished to serve as deterrent to others behind. Moreover, the government must do well to enforce education; by providing many schools-helping to dwindle the rate of bad deeds.

Furthermore, legislation and creation of law- enforcement agencies.

Indiscipline is undeniably a threat to quality education and national development. My greatest prayer therefore goes to its distinction. There is the need for a change in attitude and a collective responsibility. Thank You!



BY: MARFO HUSSAIN YUSIF; Alumni of T.I AMASSand a current student of the University of Education, Winneba
Reach me on: [email protected]/[email protected] / [email protected] or +233267673964. Facebook: marfo hussain


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