A National Service Conference I Attended


??Stroke Of My Pen?: A National Service Conference I Attended, Who Attended?

?By Alex Blege

a-thoughtfull-pen-writing-3647581-2560-1702A conference par excellence. Almost all those who matter when it comes to the issue of youth development, warts and all were invited to the conference- to talk to National Service persons.

Although, the purpose ??of the conference was to bring all national service persons I shudder to think if all service persons and prospective national service persons across the length and breadth of BELOVED MOTHER GHANA were present.

Well, the above paragraphs are not with malice aforethought.? It is not to damn the hard work that has ??gone into the organisation of this marvelous conference. But of what benefit is it when all those who are supposed to do the listening and resolutions have ?switched off?– to borrow the military term that is used when people are absent at a particular place.

C?est dommage! To say the least.? There is one thing I find discouraging about National Service executives. I am no novice to national service. In fact, I finished national service a couple of years ago in the Upper West Region of Ghana.? In our first three months we were? ?charged dues. And ??the explanation given was that these monies that have been charged are split into percentages that are distributed from the district level to the national level.

The question I ask myself, so- is it or was it impossible for district, regional and national executives to? ?organise and sponsor service persons ??who reside in the districts, and regions outside Accra with the funds that have been accumulated from the dues? Or better still; the executives did not sell the idea or information to the service persons properly. Yet, I am sure that executives from?? the district to the national executives were present. Or did National Service Secretariat? forgot that there are youths in every region, so?? the programme should be organised regionally to enable some youth somewhere to learn something new.

Someone may say that is it the duty of executives to organise and sponsor their fellow service persons to such programmes?? Beggar ??belief!

It was necessary for service persons to convey and elect officers; it was not necessary to have the welfare of service persons that elected you into office. We complain that our ??politicians have been self- centred and insensitive to our plights, yet we are guilty of the same crime in our little leadership roles.

As I sat in the conference room and watched the NASPA President walk up to the podium, to deliver his speech with all confidence, I asked myself, so who put you there??? He came to give a fine speech and added how he and his entourage have not written any application letter thoughtless of sending curriculum vitae to any employer. Instead they are working on establishing their own firm.

Is it all about ?everybody for himself or herself ??and God for us all? ? if that was it, then, the business gurus would not have bothered to honour their invitation to come to speak at the conference?? One thing I know about leadership is, the most successful leaders are the ones who leave a positive indelible mark on the memory plates of their followers.

On the Secretariat, it was good to have organised such a programme. It could have been better if almost all service persons attended this programme which will serve as post-orientation of the aftermath of national service, and ??an insight for prospective national service persons and an insight in to the dynamics of employability and entrepreneurship for senior high students.

The inclusion of students? of Senior High,? and continuing students in our? universities, polytechnics, teacher training colleges, health training colleges and other training colleges across MOTHER GHANA would have been possible if student blocs such as SRC, USAG, NUGS, GUPS, GNUPS, TTAG, just to mention a few were ?included in the organisation of this conference on regional basis.

We keep living by the notion that, ?Accra is Ghana and Ghana is Accra?. There are youths who live in every part of Ghana, so let us decentralise such wonderful programmes to ensure that the Ghanaian youth treads on the path of development. THIS IS THE STROKE OF MY PEN?.

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