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NCA Board Chairman Says 5-year strategic plan must go beyond politics  

The National Communications Authority
The National Communications Authority

The Board Chairman of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Okatakyie Ababio Boakye Danquah II, has expressed the hope that the historic 5-year Strategic Plan of the NCA will continue to guide the growth of the industry in spite of which political party is in power.

In his remarks at the launch of the strategic plan, the Board Chair said “This document is not just a roadmap; it is a blueprint that will guide the NCA to move from being a good Regulator to a Great Regulator over the next five years. It will serve as a guide for subsequent boards irrespective of political leanings.”

The concern

The NCA’s five-year strategic plan is slated to last between 2024 and 2028. This year, 2024, is an election year and it is not certain which political party will form the next government, and that poses a potential threat to the survival of the plan after the elections.

In Ghana, it is very common for one political party in power to abandon all policies, plans and ongoing projects initiated by a previous government, and start everything afresh. This practice has been the bane of Ghana’s development because it eliminates continuity and makes resource invested in creating development policy, plans and existing projects go completely waste. There are several examples of this across the country.

The inimical thinking behind this disservice to the state is two fold:

  1. That the previous government implemented policies, plans and projects that put money in the pockets on their cronies and themselves.
  2. That if the current government continues from where the previous government left off, the credit will go to the previous government, so the current government must abandon the projects, remove everyone connected to them and start afresh with completely different people.

But Okatakyie Ababio Boakye Danquah II noted that the NCA’s five-year strategic plan, was put together main by the staff of NCA in close consultation with industry players and it is therefore devoid of any parochial political interests, but rather focused on positioning industry regulator to serve the industry much better.

According to him, the extensive consultation process unveiled numerous untapped opportunities within the electronic communications sector, and as such, the NCA has gained a wealth of knowledge that gives it the optimism that it is now well positioned to accomplish even more as it navigates a world of emerging technologies full of unimaginable surprises.

“As a Board, it is a privilege to be the originator of the first strategic plan of the NCA. A historic milestone worthy of celebration,” he said, describing the five-year strategic plan as the NCA’s Bible, Qu’ran, and Magna Carta for the next five years between 2024 and 2028.

He said the strategic plan allows the NCA to to visualise its future from where it stands today, adding that “it also helps us to take concrete steps, as the plan illuminates our path towards the achievement of our goals.”


The Board Chairman noted that the Ministry and the NCA, on their own, cannot address all the issues affecting the electronic communications sector of Ghana, and it requires the concerted efforts of all stakeholders.

As such, Okatakyie Ababio Boakye Danquah II said the strategic plan is a critical communication tool for NCA’s internal and external stakeholders, and empowers staff to hold the Board and Management accountable and vice versa.

“Likewise, it will empower licensees and authorisation holders, partners, and the public with adequate information to hold the Authority accountable,” he said.

He therefore urged all stakeholders to access the five-year strategic plan from the NCA’s website and “read it, understand the roadmap that has been developed, and strategically position yourselves to ensure the successful achievement of its objectives.”

“Let us embrace this strategic plan as a guiding beacon, lighting our way to a future where Ghana stands as a benchmark in the electronic communications industry. Together, we will write the next chapter in this success story,” said.

Close Collaboration

Okatakyie Ababio Boakye Danquah II said the launch of the strategic plan marks a renewed commitment to the collaboration between the NCA and its stakeholders, adding the NCA will, on the basis of the plan, strive to deepen existing ties and establish new partnerships, especially in key emerging areas that are relevant to its mandate.

“As the Akan proverb goes, Nsa baako nkura adesoa. Collaboration is essential to our success,” he stated.

The Board Chairman thanked the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation and the Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful for the kind support, and the NCA board members for their dedication, commitment and insights throughout the process.

He also commended the NCA management team and staff for their tireless efforts and expertise, which have played a pivotal role in the development of the strategic roadmap.

“As we embark on this exciting new chapter, I am confident that this strategic plan will not only guide our actions but also empower us to contribute to the continued progressive success of the electronic communications sector,” he concluded.

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