NCC expresses concern about the growing ‘culture of insults’ on the internet

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The National Commission on Culture (NCC) has expressed concern about the growing culture of insults on the internet in recent times.

In a press briefing, on the theme, “The Ghanaian Culture and the Creeping Culture of Insult in the Media, ”Madam Janet Edna Nyame, the Executive Director of the NCC, said, Ghanaian cultural virtues must not be lost to the ‘creeping culture of insults’ in the media.

She said, the Ghanaian people were incredibly respectful, kind, hospitable and “these our cherished virtues should not be taken for granted or allowed to fade into oblivion.”

“In the age of the relentless media, Ghana seems to be losing her cherished tradition and custom of respecting one another to insulting one another, ” she said.

Madam Nyame added that, a nation without the media is like a vehicle without wheels hence, the media contributed to the three core processes of democracy which included, transparency, publicity and accountability which strengthened democracy.

In recent times, in both traditional and online media, thus Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube has become a platform where some Ghanaians hurl insult at the elderly and state authorities.

She said, “These unpatriotic behaviour towards state leaders, royal institution, state institutions, the elderly and the country must be stopped. This is because it has never been a Ghanaian character.”

Madam Nyame said individuals can avoid this unacceptable culture by simply identifying themselves with the cherished Ghanaian cultural identity of respect.

She explained that no public figure or journalist should be immune from authentic criticism of their reportage, and urged them to work with decorum.

She advised the media to be unbiased and act as an educator, mentor, guardian and an architect of information of public opinion in social, political and economic arenas.

Madam Janet Edna Nyame urged the media to help the government in eliminating the loopholes, drawbacks, making the system more responsible, responsive and receptive.

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