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The Centre for National Culture (NCC), Accra under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and National Commission on Culture has held a choral competition for vocational schools to strengthen choirs in schools.

The fifth edition of the musical competition, dubbed “Soundz of Muzik 2021” was also in collaboration with the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI).

It was aimed at promoting choral music in vocational schools, propagating arts and culture and reaching out to the youth.

Mrs Alice Kala, Director of Centre for National Culture, Accra said the programme over the years had been a platform to grow and develop choral music in Ghana and perpetuate the works of many composers.

She added that it was an opportunity to strengthen hymns, anthems, institutional and community choirs.

Mrs Kala said the previous editions had seen a change in terms of participants hence adding students from NVTI this year and the desire for the Centre to ensure inclusion and involvement of the vocational training institutions.

“Creativity they say is the oil that lubricates the engine of progress in a society, what better way can we demonstrate creativity than through music,” she said.

Mr Walter Acquah, representative from National Commission on Culture, said the programme was a good initiative, which would help nurture young talents and strengthen choirs in schools.

He said the music competition should not be seen as just an entertainment show but rather unearth talents and grow people to bring out good music for both health and recreational purposes.

Mr Acquah encouraged stakeholders to support and make music a part of the educational system, hoping the years ahead would see a massive participation of schools and improved programme.

He recommended that the Centre would graduate the programme to national level to include all the representatives from the sixteen regions.

Mr Seth Dei of the Ghana Education Service lauded the Centre for introducing music as part of their annual activities, adding that there were other disciplines like dance, drama, poetry recitals which if included would enhance the programme.

He said other young people who were in those disciplines would also get an opportunity to display their talents.

“We will collaborate with partners and interested organisations to organise such programmes to enhance tourism, arts and culture in our schools,” he emphased.

Mr Mantse Akwatey, Public Relation Officer NVTI, said NVTI had transitioned to Ghana TVET Service with the vision of making it the best point of call when choosing schools for second cycle institution.

He said music was an important part of technical education and the Institute was considering creative art as part of the curriculum in the course outline to build capacity.

“We want young people that undergo vocational training to come out highly knowledgeable, skilled to be able to present themselves well.”

Four vocational training schools participated in the competition including, Biriwa Vocational and Rehabilitation Center, Atorkor Vocational Training Institute, Toh-Kpalime Vocational Training Institute and New Century Training Institute.

Biriwa Vocational and Rehabilitation Center placed first, Atorkor Vocational Training Institute placed second, New Century Training Institute placed third and Toh-Kpalime Vocational Training Institute placed fourth position.

Certificates were awarded to participating schools while the first to third place received trophies.

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