Sagoe says the league will help develop the game in northern Nigeria

?Kwesi Sagoe, the president of the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF), on Friday, said the inauguration of the Arewa Cricket League in Northern Nigeria would enhance the development of the game in the region.?

?The inauguration brings the number of cricket leagues in the country to four, namely: Club Cricket Committee (CCC) League in Lagos, Edo League in Benin, the South-East Club Cricket Championship for the Eastern zone and the new Arewa Cricket League.?

?“I am delighted at the inauguration of the Arewa Cricket League, which will bring the northern clubs into a league and will enable them play against themselves on a regular basis,” he said.

“Club cricket is what has sustained the growth of the game all over the world and Nigeria cannot be an exception.?

?“The singular vindication of this is the sustaining power of the CCC League in Lagos, which has been sustained for 25 years and waxing stronger.”?

?The three clubs in the region – Crocodile Club of Kaduna, Cricket Club of Abuja and Cricket Club of Kebbi – will participate in the Arewa League, with the winner automatically qualifying to play in the National Cricket Club Championships.?

?The president said the qualifiers would come from winners of the four leagues present in the NCF.?

?He commended Yahaya Ukwenya, the North-West zonal coordinator, for his pioneering effort in putting together the league.?

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