NDC allow Woyome to sue for GHC500 but Take Kennedy Agyapong to ICJ


Wonders indeed will never cease, as long as human beings continue to exist and continue to be human beings. The unpredictability of the human character with its intermittent bizarreness pivoting on logics and unreasonableness has always been a cause for concern and an enigma to unravel.

One notorious Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome has connived with the NDC government to swindle Ghana out of more than GHC51 Million. I am sure the utterances of my seeming authoritative statement will not in any way cause fear, panic and alarm among the Ghanaian public the world over. Let me expound my statement to avoid the needless situation where the NDC student lawyers will franticly have to scratch their baldheads in search of charges to press against me.

My ignoble compatriot, Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome, has personally said, and confirmed on air that he had never signed any contract with the then NPP government pertaining to the rehabilitation of stadia for CAN 2008. Why and how then could he successfully sue the NDC government for non-payment of his job done on CAN 2008? Do you not see the evil hand of the NDC at play here, conniving with Alfred Agbesi Woyome to defraud Ghana to enrich them? Co-incidentally, Agbesi Woyome happens to be the bankroller of the NDC party. What a co-incidence that makes NDC, some personalities in NDC and others secret beneficiaries of a well executed gargantuan fraud of the Century? The hand of NDC is in full view and all over the place. Can anyone convincingly explain to me why the disgraced former Attorney General, Mrs Betty Mould-Iddrisu, compelled the Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, to effect that gargantuan judgment debt payment? Is it down to simple luck that Woyome could avail himself of a unique lottery jackpot set for him by the Attorney General and the Finance Ministries?

President Mills initially denied any knowledge of such an existing unprecedented gargantuan judgment debt payment to Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome. In the end, EOCO found President Mills to have twice tried but in vain, to stop the payment of the money to Mr Woyome. This is how the self-acclaimed person of God actually is. A complete liar President “Asomdhwehene” Evans Fiifi Mills is.


Anyway, the incompetent State Attorneys are contesting GHC500 cost awarded to Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome. The State prosecutors as usual requested the court to postpone the trial of Woyomegate scandal when it was due for hearing at an Accra Commercial Court hence, awarding a cost of GHC500 against the State. Through same negligent but seemingly intentional requests to have the case deferred, any judge will award default judgment in favour of Woyome. It is to avoid the situation of Woyome and NDC colluding to have the case quashed through such silly malicious postponements that I have toughened my stance on the Woyomegate scandal. I do not care what Woyome and his lawyers say. For all that, I know, inferring from Woyome’s own mouth and words, he neither signed nor did any contractual job for Ghana; therefore, he duped Ghana by claiming the GHC51 Million.

If the NDC think they can get away with the Woyomegate scandal unblemished simply by silencing Hon Kennedy Agyapong, then I say, they are dreaming. If Hon Kennedy Agyapong goes, two Rocksons will come to smoke them out of their mental hibernating lair. They had better start collecting the money from all those to who Woyome distributed the GHC51 Million as Rockson will not sleep until the money is refunded to the State.


Those NDC chaps with their hollow-minded student lawyers dreaming of reporting Hon Kennedy Agyapong to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) are simply living on another planet other than on the planetary-earth. The ICJ will be more than happy to have Nii Lante Vaderpuiye arraigned before her than Hon Kennedy Agyapong. Nii Lante Vanderpuiye has physically committed acts reminiscing ethnic cleansing of Kenya or Rwanda.


I love to see Hon Kennedy Agyapong on trial on the cooked up charges of treason, felony, genocide and many more as perceived by the hallucinating bunch of NDC goons and trainee-lawyers. The case will sooner than started turn against the NDC. The gargantuan judgment debt payments, the selective justice, the unprecedented corruption and the police biases will become the forefront issues of the trial. We shall then see who caused Hon Kennedy Agyapong’s intemperate vituperations.

NDC stop living in the Fools’ Paradise. Stop playing the fool’s tricks of attempting to divert Ghanaians’ attention away from your innumerable corruptions, abuse of power and unjustified persecutions of persons based on their political affiliations or inclinations.

I am actually sick and tired of seeing the NDC and Alfred Agbesi Woyome employing all tricks to keep the GHC51 Million. The unprecedented fraudulent judgment debt payment of GHC51 Million to Woyome will be the NDC’s headache before, during and after election 2012. This unprecedented achievement by President “Do Little” Evans Atta Mills will see Ghanaians queuing in a long “logo logo” line to vote him with his Woyomizied NDC party out of power.

God willing, NDC will be a goner come December 7, 2012. If you agree with me, say Amen. Amen!


Rockson Adofo

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