NDC Blames NPP Over MMDCE’s Rejection



Yaw Obimpeh, Ashanti NDC Chairman and Fred Fredua Anto, Ashanti NPP Chairman

THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) and the largest opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are at each other?s throat in Kumasi.

The two big political entities are virtually fighting over the rampant rejection of people nominated by President John Mahama to head various assemblies in the Ashanti Region.

The NDC is blaming the NPP of secretly influencing assemblymen of most of the assemblies in the region to vote against the nominees.

But the NPP has vehemently kicked against the accusation from the NDC, stressing that they were innocent of the charges being peddled against them.

Some key people appointed by the President to head districts in the region, were given a ?red? card by assemblymen during polls held to confirm them.

Samed Akalilu, a member of the NDC Communication Team in the region, who started the blame game, said he had ample proof that the NPP was behind the development.

He claimed on Metro FM that the NPP wanted to humiliate President Mahama, hence they were doing all they could to get the President?s appointed people rejected at will.

Mr Akalilu who is the assemblyman for Ahwia Zongo Electoral Area observed that most of the rejection of the President?s appointees occurred at areas in the region that were deemed strongholds of the NPP.

He insisted that the rejected government appointees suffered their fate on political lines but nothing else, saying ?the NPP is doing this because of their hatred for the NDC.?

Akalilu said all that the NPP wanted to achieve was to frustrate the President Mahama-led government, bemoaning why partisan politics was creeping into the assemblies.

Reacting to what he claimed as ?wild allegation,? Gideon Boako, the Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer of the NPP said there was no iota of truth in the NDC?s accusations.

?The accusations are not true,? Mr Boako stated in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, noting that the NPP was cock sure that the NDC administration would exit office in September, 2013.

He said it was therefore not prudent for the NPP to waste their time and energy on a transition government, stressing that President Mahama?s appointees were not fit for their positions, hence their rampant rejection.

Mr Boako accused Mr Akalilu of being the brain behind the rejection of Adams Iddisa, who was reappointed by the President for the DCE position of Kwabre East in the Ashanti Region.

He therefore asked Mr Akalilu whether the NPP influenced him to kick against the appointment of Mr Iddisa, telling the NDC not to accuse the NPP wrongly for what they were innocent of.

Mr Boako said the NPP?s interest now was to win the case before the Supreme Court, occupy the highest seat of the land and steer the country to affluence, adding ?we don?t have time for the NDC administration?.

Source-Daily Guide


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