NDC brings no alternatives to the conversation – Richard Ahiagba  

Dr. Richard Ahiagba
Dr. Richard Ahiagba

Dr. Richard Ahiagba, Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP),  says the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) continued to profess no alternatives to the Government’s economic direction. 

He said instead, the Party relied on “negative communication” enabled by the media to maintain relevance within public attention.

Dr. Ahiagba, who was speaking to the media in the Volta Region at a breakfast meeting in Ho,  said the lack of “contextual conversation” in the media fostered blanket opposition and cultivated propaganda.

He explained that as the nation forced its way back from a global downcast, the main opposition should be seen to be supporting the efforts with ideas while   the media should help ensure the communication carried the needed quality for nation building.
Dr. Ahiagba said negative communication “only benefited electoral outcomes but not policy.

“Blanket opposition is the norm in all the country because the conversation is not about ideas. And it takes away the value of the media. It shortchanges the people that listen, and it is making politics only about NDC and NPP.”

He said the NDC deserved blame for the current economic situation as the present administration took over a nation of stagnated GDP growth, and therefore the NDC should be seen to be contributing to the rescue plan and refraining from barstadising every move to salvage the downturn..

“It is unconscionable to say that the NPP has mismanaged the economy. We need to contextualise and know the state of the economy. Getting up an economy that has shut down is not easy and we should create context and ask what is the Government doing. It would ensure fair balance.

“We should question what the other side would do, and it would help measure the superiority of ideas. We need real conversations,” the National Communications Director stated.

He went on to express worry about how the present media direction did not benefit the quality of leadership the nation required, saying, “It would only cause a vote against the NPP and bring an NDC that has nothing to offer.”

Dr. Ahiagba said the Volta Region, undisputed stronghold of the NDC, stood to benefit from an enhanced media communication that would ensure the needed development.
“Contextual conversation would ensure that the NDC does not take Volta for granted. So let’s cause the conversation to be about development so that our people can get development. Media’s work is consequential. Be loyal to the information of ideas and minimise the diabolical journalism.”

He assured media practitioners of the NPP’s commitment to their welfare and in building cordial relationship for growth.

The meeting enabled media personnel share experiences and concerns with the national executive who was in the company of some regional executives.
Present was Pope Yevo, Regional Secretary of the Party, and who said feedback from the engagement was valued and would help fine tune media communication.

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