NDC Has Failed; Vote Them Out – Kufour

Ex-President, John Agyekum Kufuor, has urged electorates in the Northern Region to vote out the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in next week Friday?s elections.
John Kufuor
John Kufuor

Describing the NDC functionaries as people who ?know how to talk but don?t know how to work?, former President Kufuor implored the Northerners not to vote for a failed government as the National Democratic Congress.

He was addressing a rally at the Jubilee field in Tamale.
President Kufuor stated that the NDC?s four ?year term has been worse though the party inherited a rich land and country after the New Patriotic Party ceded power to them in 2008.
?NDC is boasting about extending electricity everywhere. Ask them where they got the money from to do the extension. They are also boasting of the extension and renovation of the Tamale Teaching Hospital. Ask them where they got the money from! ?.
?They boast of agriculture revolution but the only revolution is the Millennium Challenge Account, which NPP brought.?
?Our brothers keep saying the nation is poor and I am saying that Ghana today is two times richer than Ghana of 2008 when we [NPP] left power.? ?he disclosed.
He continued that though the constitution makes provision for every government to rule for four years, the NDC has failed Ghanaians and does not deserve to be given a second term.
?Ghana?s constitution says if a President comes in for four years and does good work; the people may give him another four years. The constitution does not say where the President has failed; the people should give them four more years. NDC has failed and they must go for the NPP to come.”
President Kufuor entreated the electorates to entrust their votes to the New Patriotic Party and ensure the NPP wins the elections on December 7.
To him, the NPP will not turn its back on Northern Region because ?we trace our history to the Northern People?s Party who invited Dr Busia to join them?.
He accused the ruling NDC of short-circuiting the progressive projects and foundations that the NPP laid down under his leadership.
President Kufuor further stated that the incumbent government does not ?recognize the achievements of their predecessors?, therefore adding the eight-year term of the NPP under his administration served Ghanaians and the country better than the era of the PNDC/NDC.
?We challenge NDC to put NPP?s eight years on one side and bring PNDC/NDC?s 23 years on a scale and you will see that NPP?s eight years served the people of Ghana far better than their 23 years?.
?NDC must go into opposition because they have a lot to learn. Learn to respect the people of Ghana, tell the truth and have a vision. They have been there for too long without having any of these,? he emphasized.
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