It is an open secret how the NPP exposed its violent nature characterised with acid pouring and internal wrangling between topnotch national Executives which have descended to affect the grassroot supporters.

Divine Nkrumah
Divine Nkrumah
The current primaries by the NDC has equally come to yoke with the violence and confused state of the NPP. With the NDC being the party in government, one would have expected the best from their primaries to be a precedent of their conduct in the 2016 elections. But as the popular saying in our local parlance says “attitude is like pregnancy, it can’t be hidden forever”,: the NDC primaries have provided facts to buttress that adage. So far reports on it allege of anomalies and irregularities such as “bloated register, snatching of ballot boxes, names of delegates deleted from the voters register, kidnapping and physical assault, a lucid proof of unrest, violence, confusion and instability in the NDC.

This brings the NPP and NDC a par – a state of “confused” bunch of Individuals who are power – hungry.
Voting for any of the two parties means freely giving them the mandate to plunge Ghana into a violent and confused country.

The youth of PPP is announcing that all is not lost. The PPP remains the only credible alternative to the duopoly. Since its birth, the PPP has no track record of Internal Violence. We have kept our banner up as a peaceful party, genuinely garnering support from the masses to implement our agenda of change.
As PPP prides itself as an all inclusive government to transform Ghana, we would like to extend an olive branch to all NDC delegates and supporters who are dissatisfied with the outcome of the primaries not to resort to violence but to defect and join force with the PPP, so together we can transform Ghana on developmental grounds.

Most importantly, we delightfully wish to inform and equally welcome on board all delegates who voted “NO” for President John Mahama to join and vote the PPP and Dr. Nduom into power, as they have clearly shown no confidence in President Mahama. PPP says “Akwaaba” to all.

Ghanaman, y3n hw3 ma ons3e!

Divine Nkrumah
National Youth Coordinator
Progressive People’s Party


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