NDC Primaries: Delegates and the issues

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“The parliamentary primary in Ketu North is too close to call. Just as every boxer, he thinks he can win, but that boy is not in the race… ” a political activist of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), also a delegate, said.

Yes, the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections are here and the the political talk of town accros the country this week is the NDC’s presidential and parliamentary primaries on Saturday.

Results of the primaries will give an idea of how the NDC will go into the 2024 general election certainly, setting the tone for the polls.

Whiles the aspirants and the Party warm up to Saturday’s event, here are some key issues that will engage the thoughts of delegates in making the decision to elect the Party’s Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates.

The major concern of delegates in Saturday’s primaries will be the chances of the candidates to win the general election-presidential and parliamentary – in 2024.

Issues of ethnicity, region, religion or appearance (look) will be of less importance, giving way to the candidates’ ability to raise enough money for campaigning to increase votes for the Party in the general election.

The ability to mobilise enough resources could result in having a good campaign team – a factor that can influence the decision of the delegates. This is because some delegates evaluate teams and influencers in the camp of aspirants.

For Parliamentary aspirants, one’s ability to serve as a Minister of State would be a major consideration.

Politics is about power and money hence the interest of the delegates again, will be about the aspirant, who is capable of bringing the Party to power, that is in the case of the presidential primaries.

Another issue that is likely to inform the decision of delegates is the 2024 contest. Who is the opposition likely to field?

The candidates likely to be choices of the opposing sides will determine how the contest will go. The delegates will certainly like to pick candidates to match the strengths of the opposing sides.

Many aspirants during their campaigns, made donations, outreaches and many social media engagements, but unfortunately, many delegates are not on social media.

In fact, many do not sound like they know who they will vote for presently.

Yes, they may have accepted gifts and monies from aspirants, but in many cases, it is expected that the party’s interest comes first in the balloting.

A critical attention will be paid to messages of the aspirants, with focus on policy differences and those that provide answers to the needs of the Party and the citizens.

The delegates are likely to consider messages that border on party reconstruction and growth, the local economy and job creation.
Communication is key here. Aspirants with clear cut policy directions and good communication strategies are likely to carry the day.

The NDC is a social democratic party with a revolutionary past. Millions of supporters are still holding strong attachment to those principles.

One identifiable group, unwavering in this regard is the cadres corps. The delegates would want to vote for an aspirant who is deep rooted in the social democratic principles and ready to champion them.
Also of great importance would be the ability of the aspirant to lead the Party. This is because for the presidential primaries, the candidate becomes the leader of the Party. So, the delegates would want to elect a leader, who can command respect and provide leadership.

Politics they say, supercedes economics hence, for the parliamentary, the delegates would expect that whoever is elected would use his or her political influence to lobby government, local and international investors to bring development to the constituencies.
Delegates play crucial role in the democratic process. The choice of who becomes president or a parliamentarian starts with them and it is expected that delegates of all political parties will be conscious of their responsibility to the State. This is because their choices impact the quality of governance and the aspirations of the population.

Expectations are high for the NDC to go through the primaries successfully and one can only wish the Party well.

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