NDC Youth To Lead An Issue-Based Campaign

The National Youth Organiser of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ludwig Akpene Hlodze, has described as unacceptable, “ill-informed, malicious and awkward”, the statements made by Anthony Karbo, the NPP Youth Organiser, at an event in Tamale where he charged the NPP Youth to engage in acts which could breach the peace ahead of election 2012.
Ludwig Hlodze also bemoaned the recklessness of leading members of opposition NPP including its Flagbearer, Nana Akuffo Addo, the party Chairman, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey which is aimed at nothing but inciting their supporters to engage in covert activities to destabilize the peace.
In a statement released Thursday and copied to Ghananewslink.com the NDC youth leader enumerated events that drums home the fact that the NPP has a hidden agenda to visit mayhem on the good people of Ghana for rejecting the party in the 2008 elections and the glaring evidence of a repetition of same in the 2012 General elections.
The statement follows below…
These records include 41 million pieces of free exercise books distributed to needy school children so far, free school uniforms, over 60 000 free laptop programme  for SHS, Maths and Science Scholarships to over 40,000 beneficiaries, 50% increment of the capitation grant, vigorous elimination of schools under trees, expansion of school feeding programme, National Health Insurance Scheme, introduction of Local Enterprises and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP), a strong and resilient economy growing at 12% this year alone making it the fastest growing in the world today, fight against the drug trade, job creation and prospects under the US$ 3 billion Chinese Development Bank Loan, massive employment under the youth in agriculture programme, establishment of 2 new public universities to increase access and quality human resources base of our populace, migration of public sector workers under the Single Spine Salary Structure, installation of 4 new MRI Machines in Tamale, Cape Coast, Ho and Kumasi Hospitals
bring Ghana to the 3rd African Country to provide such services only after Egypt and South Africa and of course the massive expansion of infrastructure in the roads and health sectors of our economy.
“It is therefore erroneous for the NPP to ask their members to attack the good people of Ghana today the same way their forbearers of the Danquah-Busia tradition employed against Dr. Kwame Nkrumah before, during and after Independence. It is not surprising that they have failed to engage in issued-based debate with the NDC  BUT are rather urging their youth to engage in provocative and disruptive acts calculated to breach the peace ahead of Election 2012”, Ludwig said.
On his ill-informed comparison of the “Arab Spring” as basis for his call to incite the youth to violence prior to the elections, Ludwig Hlodze asked the NPP Youth Organiser to immediately educate himself and his followers on the situation in those countries especially on the deteriorating economies of the Tunisia, Egypt and Libya since the disturbances began; their stocks are plummeting, investor confidence in their economies have fallen badly, and the business community is still on the edge unlike Ghana which has seen considerable growth from a single digit to a double digit of 13.6% (as of January 2012) and the unprecedented drop in inflation rate since President Mills took over with prospects of more growth in coming months.
Ludwig Hlodze, recalled incidents of violence by the NPP in the past and how it had received little or no condemnation from the moral society of Ghana.
The formation of Lord komey’s “Action Troopers” who were to snatch ballot boxes, the “Bamba Boys” who are being trained to abuse electorates and the  “All Die Be Die Movement”, the reference of the Flagbearer to the show of machoism during the Atiwa Bye Elections and the unwarranted attacks of NDC supporters, the call by Karbo himself in Tamale telling the world how ready they are for violence in 2012, the pledge by  Akuffo Addo that thugs on their side are ready to attack their opponents as a means of winning power, the bloody clashes in Bekwai, Suhum , the Navrongo Congress, the Tamale congress, the beating of Frimpong Boateng’s supporters at the NPP Headquarters and the public assault and  stripping naked of female supporters who declared open support for another candidate aside Akuffo Addo, are all fresh in our memories.
The statement ended by calling on the NPP to emulate the good examples of Professor Mills in his public utterances and his commitment to peaceful general elections in 2012. Ludwig assured the millions of NDC faithful across the country and in the diaspora that the 2012 elections should be and must be contested based on the impeachable records of the NDC in the 3 years of public administration under the Better Ghana Agenda. He therefore called on the youth of the NDC to be resilient and engaged the NPP in an issue-based campaign throughout the country.
He however expressed surprise at the deafening silence of civil society, religious groupings and his colleague youth leaders of other parties to opening condemning the NPP and this call. He charged the security agencies to apply the law when anyone falls short of it.
Ludwig Akpene Hlodze
National Youth Organiser


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