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Top 5 Ghanaian Destinations for wedding anniversary getaways

Marriage is a beautiful thing, the beginning of a new life, an adventure and one of life’s most amazing journeys. The anxiety and excitement which accompanies the entire marriage process is an experience worth having. Fast forward a year on or let’s even say 5 years and over. Things are not the same. The spark may have reduced and the excitement may have gone down. If you are lucky, you may still have a little spark remaining but as is normal with most marriages, you need to rekindle things a bit. There is however one date that stands out on your calendar which presents a great opportunity to spice things up or revamp that marriage or relationship. For morality’s sake, we may want to stick with wedding anniversaries but just so everyone goes home happy, you can consider the following destinations as well for your relationship anniversaries if you are not yet married. Just maybe, a ring may appear on that trip.

getawaySadly, the men are usually tasked with the difficult part of planning just to make their partners have memorable anniversaries. These days, the tables have turned a little with many modern women now investing time and money into that ‘’perfect getaway’’. Meanwhile, the women have the most difficult of tasks in all of this. IMAGINATION “Gosh, I’m already seeing myself in Disneyland. I can visit beautiful and popular tourist centers, hotel with incredible facilities, hospitable services, mouth watery meals, a dip in a crystal pool while the golden sun is reflecting on it. I just can’t wait to massage my feet on that sandy ground while taking a stroll by the beach side. And oh! Just before she wakes from that dream, a perfect room with all the luxury you can ever imagine” Wow! Her imagination is wild and you the man have no option than to keep up with it. You need to make it possible. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website enumerates top 5 destinations in Ghana for anniversary getaways.

AKOSOMBO – Popular for it’s role in providing Ghana with hydro electric power through the Akosombo dam, this town in Ghana is one amazing getaway destination for couples celebrating an anniversary. You will not find extraordinary tourist destinations to visit here but the resorts and hotels in and around Akosombo will leave you jaw dropped. Have you heard about the Royal Senchi and Volta Hotel? These are not far from the town. A few minutes drive down the road too will take you to Ada where you will find Aqua Safari. These are some of the best facilities there are in that area. What makes the trip here one to consider is the fact that apart from the great planning and architecture, these resorts and hotels have amazing recreational activities that you will enjoy. The golfing, spa treatments, boat and canoe cruises, swimming pools are just great for that love story to get a new spark. The mood is always set with customized room designs, some wine or champagne or special effects tailored to meet your specifications.

TAMALE – Maybe the last place you will consider spending your wedding anniversary by the mere mention of it. Before you totally condemn it and remove from your options, let me remind you of how far away from all the chaos you will be. Have you heard about the Salaga slave market, The Larabanga Mosque, The National Cultural Centre and the Mole National Park? How about the almighty Zaina Lodge? Not to even talk about the Mole Motel and Grand Sophia Hotel. There is a lot to see and do in Tamale. Maybe the stress from work or the pressure in Accra or your host city is taking a toll on your marriage. The anniversary comes at just the perfect time to elope and enjoy the natural vegetation and wildlife up north. Wildlife, Safari and rich northern culture through music and dance maybe just what you need.

CAPE-COAST – Popular for being Ghana’s central tourism hub, this great city is rich in culture and tradition. You struggle to talk about tourism in Ghana without mentioning Cape Coast. Though the city may not have many fancy hotels, the tourist sites here make it an attractive destination to consider when planning that anniversary getaway. The kakum National Park, The Kotokuraba Market, The Cape Coast and Elmina castles as well as the several beaches on the shores will just give you the platform to light up that marriage. Seeing and experiencing new things while relaxing and recreating happy memories is just perfect for you. The Coconut Grove hotels, Capital Hill Hotel, Hotel Loreto and Birdrock Hotel at Anomabo among many others will provide you with the best accommodation while you enjoy great services and wonderful facilities.
cape coast castle

KUMASI – The Garden City! Home of rich Ashanti Culture and history. The mighty Kumasi brings a whole different dimension when you consider a getaway for your anniversary. You may know the popular hotels such as Golden Tulip Hotel (Kumasi), Hotel De- Semanhyia and Asantewaa Premier Hotel. For any budget, there is a hotel in Kumasi for you. As for tourist sites, we can name a dozen and still not have space for many others. Highlights in Kumasi include the Manhyia Palace, The Rattway Park, The Kejetia Market and the Kumasi Cultural Centre. Maybe what you need to spark you up is some fufu and goat soup. Of course you cannot visit Kumasi without enjoying fufu. Recently, the Kumasi City Mall has added an extra spice to the city. For lovers of fast food, shopping and movies, this is the place to go. Although there are no beaches in kumasi, there are amazing pools at some of the well equipped hotels that you can relax at and have a good swim. Nightlife in Kumasi is also one of the best there is around the country. Nightclubs and pubs are always full of life. You should try Kumasi; The city that never disappoints.

ACCRA – Is it a case of saving the best for last or just a natural assumption that Accra being the nation’s capital is the base of operation for most people. However, we choose to look at it, Accra is just an amazing place to spend that wedding anniversary. You don’t have to go too far away if you live in Accra but if you live outside Accra, then this is a great getaway destination. Most of the exquisite hotels are here and there are some nice tourist sites that will make your trip worth every penny. In the centre of the city are hotels like the Labadi Beach hotel, La Palm Royal Hotel, Alisa hotel, Movenpick, Kempinski, Accra City, Holiday Inn, African Regent, Airport View, Golden Tulip and many more. There are great guesthouses as well that will suit couples who are not looking to spend a lot of money. Great tourist sites here include the kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, The Arts centre, Independence Arc and Square, The Legon Botanical gardens, the Osu castle, The National Theatre and the W.B Dubois Centre. Nightlife in Accra is second to none. You have all you need in Osu, East Legon and Airport while banks, shopping malls and other facilities are here in excess.

It’s time to add some spice to that marriage by having a mind-blowing anniversary celebration. Recreate the spark in the marriage and get your partner smiling again. Happy Anniversary to you and don’t forget to share some pictures for others to see how beautiful Ghana actually is.

‘’Awari Sor!’’

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel

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