Neglegence Of Our Government


Amidst severe controversy and criticism from the general public, 250 Ghanaians were sentto the Caribbean island of Cuba, on a mission being described as a scholarship on the part of the hosts, and on our part, our government is supposed to pay several thousand dollars per year per student. With all the questions ?being raised on this issue, I beg to differ, to draw attention of the general public on the fact that the monthly stipends of Ghanaian students in Cuba have not been paid for the nearly 3 months.? More than 3 months into the new academic year and most of them don?t know their left from our right, simply because they don?t have money to get their basic needs including food!

Imagine they leaving their families behind to seek a higher education abroad, something we could have provided them with here at home had we a visionary leader in our midst. They get there and they have to go about borrowing toiletries and food, etc. from their colleagues from other countries, mostly Africans who were sent there for basically the same reasons, just to be able to survive because our their own government has not paid them the stipends it agreed to pay? monthly for their upkeep.

Of what use will the huge amount of money being paid for theirtraining beif at the end one can?t even pay attention to his lecturer because he went to the lecture on an empty stomach? Who does that? In this 21st century, a government of the people will send 250+ of her citizens abroad for further studies, and leave them on their own without any means of survival. Worse of all, they were sent to a communist country under economic blockade from the United States. What this means is that, something one would have got in makola for a few Ghana Cedis, there it?s worth several times its normal value because it?s scarce. And that?s how lifethere is, including telecommunications, food, etc.

With elections around the corner, I know the government has forgotten about them. Obviously, they?d not vote in the first place because they didn?t have money to pay for transportation to the Ghana Embassy in Havana to register to vote in the elections. I?ll just need the government to recognize that there are hungry Ghanaians out there, who are out there on the ticket of our country. Is that how a country treats her future leaders?

Mr. President over to you!

Yawa K. Adjei

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