Al-Assad blames ‘external conspiracies’ for Syrian violence

“The mask has fallen off these faces,” [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] said. “No wise person denies these international conspiracies that (are) being done in order to spread fear inside. But this time, it was done with people from inside.”

Bashar al-Asad is right. There are international conspiracies to take him down.

This is for example obvious when the expatriate Syrian National Council uses a policy papers arguing for military intervention in Syria that was written by a neocon and Israel supporter and paid for by the U.S. State Department. To further the military intervention the paper is defended by doing away with the local protesters in Syria who oppose any intervention.

Michael Weiss is Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Henry Jackson Society, a British neocon organization which patrons include the U.S. neocons Richard Perle, William Kristol and James Woolsey. He also has a blog at the Telegraph website.

Michael Weiss is also executive director of Just Journalism a “pressure group whose stated goals are to focus “on how Israel and Middle East issues are reported in the UK media.” Critics characterize Just Journalism as a “privately-funded mouthpiece for Israel”. Until the end of 2009 Weiss published a blog for the Jewish magazineTablet.

Recently Weiss wrote a policy paper Safe Area for Syria – An Assessment of Legality, Logistics and Hazards (pdf) which is an amateur attempt (Weiss is, as far as can find out, neither a lawyer nor does he seem to have military experience) to write a playbook for military intervention in Syria:

In the interest of assessing all suggested options for hastening the end of a totalitarian dictatorship and/or averting a mass humanitarian catastrophe, this paper examines the way in which foreign military intervention could work for Syria.

The paper was written for the Strategic Research & Communication Centre, a somewhat mysterious organization in Britain that claims to offer “Informed insight on Syria”, founded in 2010 and run by the Syrian expat Ausama Monajed who “previously served as the director of Barada Television”. As is known from Wikileaks cables:

Barada TV is closely affiliated with the Movement for Justice and Development, a London-based network of Syrian exiles. Classified U.S. diplomatic cables show that the State Department has funneled as much as $6 million to the group since 2006 to operate the satellite channel and finance other activities inside Syria.

We can safely assume that Ausama Monajed, who’s current organization does not reveal its funding sources, is still on that indirect U.S. State Department payroll.

The paper Weiss wrote to argue for military intervention is endorsed as a Special Report by the expat Syrian National Council on its slick new website.

In a recent Foreign Affairs piece Weiss again argues for military intervention in Syria but sees a more united opposition as a requirement toward that. He achives that more united opposition by simply doing away with those parts of the opposition that are against intervention.

His way to do so is seemingly to promote the interventionist expat Syrian National Council (SNC) while denigrating the non-interventionist on-the-ground protesters in Syria who are organized in the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change:

Making matters worse, in the last two weeks, the SNC has further embarrassed itself by sending mixed messages about its real intentions. First, the group said that it was in favor of foreign military intervention. But on December 30, 2011, reports swirled that Ghalioun and a handful of senior SNC figures had inked a unity agreement with theanti-interventionist National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, a domestic opposition group that activists suspect is a cover organization pushing reconciliation with Assad’s regime.

The local Syrian protesters who do not want outside military intervention are now a “cover organization pushing reconciliation”. Cover for whom? How dare the protesters in Syria to want a peaceful solution and have a “cover” for that!

Two high-ranking members of the SNC, Ausama Monajed and Radwan Ziadeh, told me that the council rejected the text of the agreement, which they claimed was only a “draft.” Sure enough, a few days later, the SNC launched its official Web site that, drawing on a blueprint I prepared, called for outside forces to establish a safe zone in Syria. This more aggressive call for foreign military intervention reflects a need to hang on to support from the protesters, who now often denounce the regime and the SNC in the same breath.

Weiss then does away with the split between the expatriate regime-change-by-force militants and local Syrian protesters who want peaceful solutions by simply vanishing the later:

Nevertheless, there are signs of progress. Now that the SNC has endorsed foreign intervention, bringing it in linewith what all factions of the Syrian insurgency have advocated for months, there is a greater likelihood that the various political and military arms of the opposition will unite, if only out of their shared desperation over the unabated carnage.

See, that nasty “cover organization pushing reconciliation” that represents the real protesters in Syria is now simply done away with.

The neocon org’s communications director and excecutive director of a “mouthpiece for Israel” Michael Weiss writes a paper to further military intervention in Syria for a U.S. State Department funded expat Syrian think tankwhich then gets adopted by the expat militant Syrian National Council.

Weiss then takes to the pages of Foreign Affairs where he excommunicates the anti-intervention local Syrian protesters as “cover organization pushing reconciliation” to then claim that military intervention is endorsed by all factions involved in the Syrian protests.

Assad says that there are “international conspiracies” driving the violence to overthrow the Syrian government by force. He is right. The neocons and zionist are out to take him down by military forces against the will of the Syrian people including that of the protesters.

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