Nutrition Program
Nutrition Program

Listeners of Nestle Nutrition Line (NNL), a weekday consumer education radio programmme have lauded Nestle Ghana for its contribution to the public especially mothers and children.

They said for the past 19 years the company through the programme has provided them with basic nutritional information that has helped them to develop sound nutrition knowledge to foster a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

A section of the listeners the Ghana News Agency spoke with reiterated this at a brief ceremony to mark Mother’s Day Celebration and also to present hampers to ardent listeners who participated in a radio quiz competition.

Mother’s Day is celebrated globally to honour mothers, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Mr Bismark Owusu Darko, a Winner stated that through the education on one of the segments on the essence of water intake especially among children has helped solve his child’s regular headaches, cracked lips and poor concentration at school.

“Based on the programme I give my child water more often every day. If a child is playing sports or is very active the child will need extra fluid …Kids will also need more fluid on hot days or when unwell,” he said.

The programme, he said had taught him that iron was an essential nutrient for blood production in humans and also essential in promoting the cognitive development of infants

“I got to know that the future wellbeing of children under five could be impeded by iron deficiency, so I make sure my family members especially eat Iron fortified food, “ Mr Darko said.

Madam Samantha Wuta-Ofei, Marketing Services Manager at Nestle Ghana said the activity was in line with the goal of Creating Shared Value (CSV) a fundamental to how Nestlé operates.

“We believe that in embarking on these activities and promoting health and wellbeing our company will be successful in the long term by creating value for both our shareholders and for society,” she said.

“Our activities and products should make a positive difference to society while contributing to Nestlé’s ongoing success”.



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