Never, Ever Again To John Mahama Dumsor Regime—NPP GERMANY Cautions Ghanaians

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NPP GERMANY finds it very worrying that a leading member of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Henry Osei Akoto has offered himself to public ridicule.

This impish loose cannon has suddenly forgotten the dark days under John Mahama NDC, a price they later paid in full circle in the 2016 elections.

Henry Osei Akoto has sought to revive the Dumsor politics.

We crave the indulgence of readers to throwback some of these worst experiences Ghanaians were subjected to that will keep the NDC forever in opposition.

Ghana faced exacerbated challenges with frequent power outages during John Mahama’s tenure, one of the worst in the history of this country.

Statistics pointed out that the power shortage at that time incurred losses ranging from $85 million to $243 million.

Businesses, grappling with the adverse effects, witnessed a surge in generator purchases amid escalating fuel prices, with Ghana reportedly spending $3 million daily on diesel for generators.

In response to soaring costs, small and medium enterprises resorted to dual pricing strategies, reflecting the impact of ‘dumsor’ on their operations.

Even for those with access to electricity, the escalating expenses evoke widespread discontent among Ghanaians.

Under this cruel John Mahama regime, jobs were lost, hundreds of patients who could have survived perished in hospitals; John Mahama rendered married men impotent; wives divorced their husbands leading to the collapse of marriages, young women resorted to widespread Hook Up prostitution as a result of economic frustrations just to survive and fend for themselves.

These, among other host of countless godless misdemeanours overshadowed that never-again NDC administration.

While we, NPP GERMANY empathize with the concerns raised about the impact of power outages on critical healthcare services, it’s important to address misinformation and ensure accuracy in assigning blame.

The tragic loss of any life is deeply regrettable, but attributing blame solely to specific individuals without considering the broader context is unfair.

The situation at Tema General Hospital was indeed concerning, but it’s crucial to note that the official statement from the hospital contradicts the initial reports of a death due to the power outage.

Accusations should be based on verified information rather than speculation.

It’s also important to acknowledge the efforts being made to address the challenges of power supply in the country and work collectively towards sustainable solutions, rather than engaging in divisive rhetoric.

However, it is essential to address the misinformation and misguided blame that has been circulating.

Pointing fingers and assigning blame without proper investigation is not only irresponsible but also dangerous.

The assertion that the blood of the baby is on the hands of specific individuals is not only inflammatory but lacks evidence and understanding of the complexities involved.

We must remember that incidents like these require a thorough examination of the facts before drawing conclusions.

It is premature and unfair to place the blame solely on the Minister of Energy, the President, the Vice President, and other officials mentioned.

Our leaders are working tirelessly to address the challenges facing our country, including the issue of power supply.

Furthermore, it is crucial to acknowledge the swift response of the Tema General Hospital in resolving the situation.

Contrary to initial reports, no deaths were recorded as a result of the power outage. We must rely on verified information and avoid spreading misinformation that only serves to create panic and division.

In times of crisis, unity and collaboration are paramount. Instead of pointing fingers, let us come together as a nation to find solutions to the challenges we face.

Let us support our leaders in their efforts to improve the lives of all citizens and ensure that incidents like these are prevented in the future.

Let us honor the memory of the child who tragically lost their life by working towards a better, more resilient future for all.

May our nation continue to prosper and thrive in the years to come.We will continue to urge the good people of Ghana to vote for Dr. Bawumia and NPP to break the 8 in order to retain the NPP so that the next NPP administration in the helm of governance will continue to give off its best.

We say AYEEKOO, KUDOS to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and the entire Akufo-Addo-led NPP government.

We constantly remind Ghanaians on this note that we cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past by voting back the NDC and their INCOMPETENT John Mahama into the reigns of political power.

Let The Truth Confound The Wise……

Long Live Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo!!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!!!

Long Live the Elephant Party!!!!

Kukruduuuu Eeeessshiii!!!!


Nana Osei Boateng

NPP Germany Branch

Communications Director.

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