New Book Released on What Africa Needs in order to Fight Poverty

New book on poverty

With first-hand experience of the poverty that inflicts Africa (Moses Tai’s childhood was spent in one of Kenya’s largest towns), this inspiring social enterprise founder, and now author, captivates with his often hard-hitting and call-to-action poetry.

Explaining in verse that self-sufficiency is the only viable future for Africa, and the importance of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s); this chapbook teems with symbolism that makes readers sit up and take note of the poverty-reducing aims of its visionary author.

Likening shade to access to the basic necessities of life (such as clean water and sanitation) and a magic wand signifying the almost magical power of believing in your ability to achieve any goal in life (with the goal in this case ending the suffering caused by poverty), sales of this chapbook will also raise much-needed funds for the author’s African Development Choices (ADC) social enterprise.

Bearing a title taken from one of the poems contained, There is Shade is inspired by the Greek proverb – ‘A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in’ – which eloquently reinforces the author’s determination to do good for his beloved Africa by doing well.


The Kenyan-born author is the founder of African Development Choices (ADC), a UK-based social enterprise on a mission to reduce poverty in Africa by empowering local communities to make informed development choices. He wrote this small collection of poems to help raise awareness and funds for ADC’s projects in Africa and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This chapbook is also an insight into aspects of his lived experience that inspired him to dedicate his life to this work. His essay “Increasing Foreign Aid Not Necessarily Good for Developing Countries” was published in The Global Viewpoints, which is a series by Gale Cengage Learning in New York that provides students and other readers with the information they need to explore global connections and think critically about the worldwide implications of global issues.

The author says:

“I have published a small collection of poems titled “There is Shade” to creatively explain the innovative approach that my social enterprise African Development Choices (ADC) is using to fight poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The chapbook is being sold to help raise awareness and funds for ADC projects in Africa. The poems are calls to action and as such, the call to action needs to be less subtle, hence the lack of more subtlety in some poems.

“With the UN 2023 SDG Summit recently held in New York (18-19 September 2023), I believe without putting the main focus on building self-sufficiency, there’ll be very slow progress towards achieving the SDGs. I also believe that aid is not a substitute for a dysfunctional system; it is a tool to help build self-sufficiency. My organisation has developed an innovative approach to achieving the SDGs that focuses on building self-sufficiency.

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