New Deputy Director-General, Director of Finance For CSIR

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (CSIR-INSTI)
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (CSIR-INSTI)

he Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has sworn into office Professor Mrs. Marian Dorcas Quain as the new Deputy Director-General (DDG) for the next five years, and Dr. William Sarfo as Director of Finance.

They will be responsible for assisting the director-general in advancing the CSIR mandate in all 13 institutes and more than 50 centres of the council located across the country.

Prof. Quain would be in charge of raising funds for research and development activities, establishing effective links with relevant institutions and agencies, supervising the transfer of science and technology research results, and coordinating corporate CSIR commercialization activities.

Dr. Sarfo, on the other hand, would be in charge of CSIR corporate finance as well as coordinating all finances within the council and government circles.

Prof. Robert Kingsford-Adaboh, Chairman of the CSIR Council, led the two top officials to take both the oath of office and the oath of secrecy, promising to work hard to realize the council’s vision.

He said the CSIR was Ghana’s prestigious scientific institution, and that if the country failed scientifically, some questions should be directed at the council.

However, he expressed the hope that with the two appointees’ solid backgrounds, they would succeed.
He urged them to strive for good human relations with all employees, saying, “You are going to work with all kinds of people, some malleable and obedient, some difficult individuals who are always rabble-rousers, who will always want to challenge you.”

But “you should have a good working relationship with all kinds of staff because you’re all humans,” he added.
Prof. Kingsford-Adaboh assured them that the Council would provide them with all the necessary assistance to help them meet the challenge and live up to the task.

Leaning on his observation, Prof. Paul Bosu, CSIR Director-General, said: “With our new DDG and director of finance, we have been blessed with a wide spectrum of individuals, professionals, expertise, mentors, and many others.”
He urged all staff to rally behind them and work tirelessly to carry out the council’s mandate and advance Ghana’s scientific vision.

In their congratulatory messages, various CSIR staff associations praised the duo for their previous accomplishments and took turns expressing their unwavering support for them.

“We wish to assure you of our most sincere cooperation and support in your responsibilities as the deputy director-general of CSIR,” Dr. John Lanbon, Scientific Secretary and Vice President of the Research Staff Association (RSA) said.

“The RSA head office pledges its unflinching support to you as and when you need it,” he added, praying for God’s blessing on their new offices and CSIR endeavours.

Prof. Quain and Dr. Sarfo both outlined their respective visions aimed at increasing the CSIR’s visibility.

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