The year 2015 has seen several known media personalities switching from their known media houses to new ones. A lot of it has been as a result of the creation of the EIB Group, owners of Starr, Kasapa, Ultimate, Live FM and now GH One TV station. 

The group poached many personalities from Joy FM, YFM and Peace FM respectively to build a strong team. explores the reasons for some of these moves by analyzing the causes and possible motives behind them.

The rule to work is that, you need to love what you do and enjoy it. Only then can one give off their best at work. Work in the media is seen as fun, educative and intriguing, since it offers one so many opportunities.

The irony is that, many conclude that media personalities’ are rich and probably the highest paid, while this may be an assumption or a fact, I leave that decision for the media personalities to decide. It is a known fact that media personalities in Ghana make radio and TV interesting to listen and watch. Some would say they watch a particular show because of a personality and some eventually become die-hard fans of these personalities.

So it’s rather said when you hear that these personalities have resigned their jobs. Their resignations leave either the viewer or listener to wonder the reason for quitting their jobs.

Major media poaching shake up, as earlier noted began with the Bola Ray’s EIB group and just when it seemed the poaching had died down a little, news of Nana Aba Anamoah and her twitter saga led to her resignation from TV3. After her resignation, news went viral that Narkwoi Kwabla, a journalist had also resigned, followed by Worae an arts and entertainment Journalist from the same Network. Though rumours are rife that they might be moving to UTV or Gh One, we are yet to find out.

As Ghanaians continued trying to figure which media house Nana Aba Anamoah is heading to, Ghanaians wake up with the wave of two new radio station, thus Class and Accra FM stations. Now this station poached Sedem Ofori who left Joy Fm for Starr Fm and added Fred Smith also from the Joy FM News room.

Before Sedem Ofori’s move from Starr to Class FM could die down, the media wakes up with News of the General Manager of YFM, Giovani Caleb quitting to move to Live FM as its programmes manager. Then, we also read of Akosua Hanson, who used to host the YFM’s Arise and Shine, till the owners of the station took her off the programme and replaced her with Miss Naa who left for Live FM and returned. According to rumours, Akosua is leaving because she was taken off the show and replaced with Miss Naa, but she has neither confirmed nor denied the rumour. Also from the YFM camp, is Vanessa Gyan who moved from ETV Ghana to YFM, some few months ago, only to resign.  News went viral last week that Vanessa has resigned from both YFM and ETV, but she is tip lipped about her next destination.

Next, we hear that Kafui Dey of Starr Show host has been moved to present Gh One’s Morning show and he is paired with Besiwa Eshun, a face that disappeared from TV many years ago. Next on the list is Banny Blanco, one of the presenters of New Day on TV3 who is reported to have tended in his resignation on Friday. Though it is not clear where he is heading to, your guess might be more than mine.

So as many of their fans ask, is the decision to move on due to the fact that they are offered a lot of money from the ‘poaching’ station?  Could it be a matter of expanding their brand, for stardom or is it to take up challenging roles?

One Facebook critic wrote after reading a story that talked about media personalities quitting one radio to the next bluntly wrote “these media personalities’ are ungrateful? So could that be a reason?

No matter how you see it, the poaching will never end, so long as there are good products who are worth the poaching and if it comes along with the extra money; why not?

I am sure your guess is as good as mine, but then again, my list is not exhaustive, so watch out for more media personalities quitting jobs from one station to the other. Better yet, don’t be surprised if they end up at Bola Rays’ EIB Network.


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