NFTs Have Changed The Way The World Approaches Philanthropy As Per Bonfire Club

Bonfire Club
Bonfire Club

The continuous stream of creative freedom and novel ideas are shaping the NFT experience every day. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space is now the most experimented area leading innovations to deliver benefits to underprivileged communities. The NFT projects have been spreading awareness and bringing a real-time contribution to humanitarian causes. Bonfire Club tells us how NFTs are carving philanthropy niche globally.

Talking about Crypto Barista, a unique NFT project around coffee lovers, Bonfire Club says, “The goal is not just to have fun with funny barista tokens. The fund raised through its business is going to strengthen sustainability and provide dividends of social good to coffee-growing communities.” This charity and community fundraising theme is fast catching up with NFT enthusiasts. Alongside opening a novel business avenue, a growing number of NFT projects are driving global philanthropy. Moreover, Some NFTs are attracting celebrity partnerships to help garner community funds for greater social equity. Since the March 2021 NFT boom, around $ 100 million have been donated from global NFT sales to various philanthropic causes like food security, child relief, mental health, forest conservation, etc. And it is still counting. 

NFTs have seen a massive overhaul from being just collectors’ items in the metaverse to being auctioned at Christie’s with the avowed objective to support non-profits that spearhead United Nation’s Sustainable Developmental Goals. An artist from the Arts Blocks community made the largest ever NFT donations in ETH worth approx $3.5 M to MSF Australia in recent times. “The NFT creators are now very positive to donate a margin from the sale proceeds of the projects to key social issues and welfare schemes. And this remarkable attribute has a real impact on augmenting a mutually thriving world of peace and development for all,” observes Bonfire Club. Recognizing a boon in NFT trends, small and medium non-profits are open to fundraising partnerships with NFT artists.

Bonfire Club sees immense possibility in the power of crypto and blockchain to change the face of the world for the better.

There is no denying the fact that NFTs have evolved as a cult force. In this high-tech machine environment, NFTs have successfully breathed solid humanitarian solutions that proclaim a hopeful and prosperous future for humanity.

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