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NGO advocate for increase in funding for paediatric services in Ghana

Evelyn Arthur
Evelyn Arthur

The Founder/CEO of the Evelyn Arthur Health Foundation, Miss Evelyn Arthur, has made a passionate call to the government to address a variety of issues affecting children’s healthcare. These issues include access to preventive services, timely medical interventions, and specialized care for chronic conditions.

Miss Arthur emphasized the critical need for improved healthcare services for children in order to create a more comprehensive and responsive healthcare system that prioritizes the unique needs of young patients and enhances their access to quality medical care.

She stressed the importance of promoting overall well-being and early intervention to address disparities in pediatric healthcare and ensure that all children receive the necessary medical attention.

Miss Arthur advocated for policies that support children’s healthcare, such as increased funding for pediatric services, improved insurance coverage for children, and initiatives to address social determinants of health that impact pediatric well-being.

Miss Arthur expressed these views during a health screening exercise organized by her Foundation under its Health Aid Program for children at New Life Orphanage Home in Nugua, Greater Accra Region.

The Foundation also donated items worth GHS15000 to the orphanage. She highlighted the need to expand the availability of pediatric healthcare services in underserved communities, ensuring that children have access to primary care, pediatric specialists, and mental health support.

Miss Arthur mentioned that her organization is working tirelessly to increase awareness among parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers about the importance of early intervention and preventive care for children through educational campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles, vaccination, and regular wellness check-ups.

She called for collaboration between the Ghana Health Service and NGOs to address social and environmental factors that affect children’s health, such as access to nutritious food, safe housing, and opportunities for physical activity.

Miss Arthur emphasized that improving children’s access to healthcare is crucial for their long-term health and well-being. By addressing barriers to care and promoting early intervention, we can set the stage for a healthier future for our children.

She appealed to private organizations and pharmaceutical companies to partner with them and provide sponsorships in order to reach out to vulnerable people in deprived areas.

In addition, a lab technician, Miss Bridget Sedinam Nyadeka, educated the public on the importance of knowing their blood group. She emphasized that knowing one’s blood type and status is crucial for personal health and medical treatment in emergency situations.

Miss Nyadeka further highlighted the essential nature of understanding one’s blood type during pregnancy, as certain blood types can cause complications such as hemolytic disease of the newborn.

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