Niger, Mali Burkina Faso breakaway leaves cracks in ECOWAS

Bill Ocloo Urges Overhaul of ECOWAS After Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso Breakaway

Economic community of West African States (ECOWAS)

A security analyst and Executive Director for the African Center for Human Security and Emergency Management (ACHSEM), Bill Godson Ocloo is calling for a restructuring of the Economic community of West African States (ECOWAS) to enable the regional bloc deliver on its mandate successfully.

His call follows the recent announcement by three francophone West African countries, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso of their exit from the regional body to form a new bloc.

According to him, the decision by the three nations to leave ECOWAS may have been informed by the increased suffering of their populations as a result of the failure of ECOWAS to protect these countries’ citizens from the shackles of imperialism and the attacks on the population by Jihadist groups over the years.

“It looks as though ECOWAS has failed these nations in the protection of their citizens and their territorial integrity – ECOWAS is supposed to be championing the course of its member nations, but what is happening and has happened over the years is that ECOWAS has failed to deliver on its mandate to member countries resulting in these countries losing confidence in the bloc,” Ocloo indicated.

He is of the view that the structures governing ECOWAS should be relooked at to ensure that other member countries do not feel left behind in terms of the regional groupings activities.

The ACHSEM Executive Director said if nothing is done about the current situation, it could lead to other member countries falling away from ECOWAS as it seems, many have lost hope in the bloc.

Ocloo added that ECOWAS has for sometime now been perceived as working in the interest of the West to the detriment of its member countries and citizenry and not until that perception is changed, “we will continue to witness these upheavals and breakaways.

He advised African leaders and for that matter ECOWAS to reassess their priorities, focus on the betterment of the lives of their citizens and their nation’s economic well-being and the security of their countries and not their own selfish and parochial interests.

“African leaders must think beyond their mouths and stomachs- we must change our attitudes to doing things on the continent. The welfare and security of our nations should be paramount on every leaders agenda instead of the corruption and mismanagement that has become the norm in Africa.

According to the ACHSEM Executive Director, the myriad of challenges facing the African continent were as a result of leadership failure and the wanton corruption which has bedevilled the economies over the years.

He therefore called on the Assembly of Heads of states and other relevant institutions to map out strategies to curb these menaces if Africa is to regain its rightful position in world affairs.

“If we do not right the wrongs of the past, we will as a continent continue to wallow in poverty and backwardness and posterity will never forgive us,” Ocloo indicated.

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  1. As a matter of fact ECOWAS bass not only disappointed the 3 Sahel countries which broke away from the block but the entire citizens of the sub region. The free movement of the citizens, trade, free movement of good and services area better aaappreciated in the anals of the archives. We continue to face harassment and extortion of moneys from all the immigration officers across the countries of the block. The ECOWAS itself is better described as wa block of undemocratic leaders coming together to defend their peers and personal interest. Some are in power for 3 decates now instead of just 4 -8 or 5-10 years. Scrap the entire system. So are planted there by the emperialist forces.


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