Niger has warned of the?worsening situation around the Lake Chad region, which borders Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and Nigeria, due to escalating assaults carried out by Takfiri Boko Haram terrorists.

?The security situation in Nigeria and in the Lake Chad basin has deteriorated considerably,? Niger?s Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum said on Tuesday.

He made the remarks during a summit on regional military cooperation against Boko Haram militants that opened in the Nigerien capital, Niamey.

Ministers from Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin and Equatorial Guinea along with representatives from the US, the European Union, China and several other countries attended the meeting.

Bazoum also blamed Nigeria?s neighboring states for their slow response to the extremist group.

?The increase in strength of Boko Haram reflects our slowness and our inability to put up a robust response,? he noted.

This comes as heavy clashes broke out between Cameroonian soldiers and Boko Haram militants near Cameroon?s border with Nigeria.

The conflict erupted after the Takfiri terrorists attacked the northern Cameroonian border village of Bonderi.

Leaders from Ghana and Chad have urged a unified front in battling the terror group, whose militancy has left some 13,000 dead and forced 1.5 million to flee their homes.

Boko Haram, whose name means ?Western education is forbidden,? controls large parts of northeastern Nigeria.

It has claimed responsibility for numerous deadly attacks in various parts of Nigeria which have spread out to neighboring Chad and Cameroon.

Source: MSM/NN/ Press TV


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