In preparation for the World Cricket League Division Six competition in Jersey later this month, the Nigerian cricket team will on Monday face Brockhampton in England.
The team, ranked 37th in the world and 5th in Africa, are billed to play five matches before the competition.
Speaking about the match, Ben Stebbings, an English cricketer for Herefordshire, said that Brockhampton were ?facing the unknown.?
Stebbings, who helped organise the fixture, said, ?We don?t really know what to expect but I don?t think Brockhampton have ever played a national team before.
?It has certainly created a lot of interest and become a big talking point at the club. Some of the Nigeria team play in the UK ? and they have some good players.?
Herefordshire?s 2nd spokesman Tom Bevan said, ?It?s an amazing fixture for us to have. Playing against a full national side will be a great experience for the players.?
Nigeria, who arrived in the UK this weekend, will also be playing against Herefordshire?s 2nd team at Eastnor on Sunday, July 14.
The team will be based in Cheltenham for two weeks before heading to Jersey to face the hosts, Argentina, Kuwait, Bahrain and Vanuatu in the group phase of the World Cricket
League. Nigeria became an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2002.


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