Nigeria: Gov’t Starts Issuing Licenced ‘AK47’ To Citizens

Permanent Voters Card
Permanent Voters Card

The Federal Government of Nigeria has started issuing the registered licenced AK47 to all eligible citizens in readiness of the expected battle between good and evil in 2023.

How equipped and prepared are you in this Armageddon? Your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is the AK47.

Have you collected yours? If you have not, please stop the procrastination and go and collect it immediately at your Independent Electoral Commission’s (INEC) office. It is your voice, right and the power to change the pain, agony, hunger and starvation you are presently facing.

The PVC is your official licensed weapon. It has the power to transform your life if you appropriately use it without mortgaging your future and destroying the destiny of generations unborn by myopically and foolishly selling it for any amount to one political thief or his/her agents.

When you sell your PVC you have sold your vote and that political thief who bought your conscience with money or with the influence of promising you an appointment and contracts must recoup the money he/she spent in bribing people like you. This situation is what has continued to keep Nigeria in the sorry state she finds herself today.

For how long shall we continue to lament? Our destiny is now in our hands. Therefore, we will never allow these corrupt politicians who become human to us when election time comes but turn to monsters and torture our lives as soon as they get into office to deceive us again. Today, these corrupt politicians know that we the ordinary Nigerians are holding the yam and the knife and they are shivering, but we must decide wisely by sharing it reasonably and justifiably with our votes according to their work. We must take back our country.

Never be a victim to the agents of the darkness of these evil politicians masquerading in different forms trying to buy or collect the data of your PVC. If you do, you have sold your right and will not have any morality again to complain when ASUU goes on strike and your children stay at home for months, but their own children keep on graduating as scheduled from foreign schools in foreign countries because they can afford it. Never you lament when you are asked to pay electricity bills for the light you did not use and enjoy.

If one has registered for the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) without collecting it and the 2023 elections come and go, that registration was as useless as when one had not registered. Also, for one who has registered and has collected his/her PVC to equally be able to vote, the program of such person’s movements must be very well planned in order to be at the place his/her voter’s card reads on the day of the election, otherwise too, the registration of that person and the collection of the PVC also becomes inconsequential and of no value.

It is worthy to note the erroneous message and believe by some people that a person’s vote is just one vote that cannot make anyone win an election is not only a lie and a misconception concocted by political manipulators to disabuse the minds of the credulous ones from voting just to make their rigging easier, but equally, the newly electoral act singed into law by President Buhari has made it crystal clear that every vote will count and will be very valuable. We must thank the president for this and urge him to consolidate it by making sure that the election will be free and fair.

President Buhari Sir, please supervise and make sure that INEC gives us free and fair elections in 2023 with the declaration of rightful winners as a goodbye gift. The political riggers are masters in rigging. Many of them are seriously busy now planning on how they can cause havoc and put fear on the Nigerian voters and INEC officials with their political thugs. Please, do not allow them to beat you on this.

If you could achieve this Sir, you must have laid one of the most vital and fundamental paths to Nigeria’s growth, history will be fair to you, and Nigerians will remain eternally grateful.

Fellow Nigerians, please go and collect your AK47 (PVC) in your INEC office. We will not like to witness the same experience we had in 2015 and 2019 where people registered to vote but never collected their voting cards. This very election is too important for the survival of all of us, and we cannot joke with it.

Uzoma Ahamefule, a concerned patriotic citizen, and a refined African traditionalist, writes from Vienna, Austria.
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