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Nigeria: Inside Out


By Melvin Mobis

I am a patriot of my mother land and pledged to my nation, to serve her with all my strength, to uphold her dignity and to speak when i am suppose to speak, listen when it is time to listen, coordinate when it is time to act, build when it time to build. Is there ever a time to destroy? Inside out takes us back to the memory lane and specifically on one crucial subject which is where Nigeria has failed. A nation blessed with all the resources a nation need to rise, talents abound in Nigeria but with the failure of this particular part of the nation, majority of these talents die unhatched or hatching, only but a few with the back up of god father-ism hatch though in many instances God’s intervention.?

nigeria flagThe only thing that move a nation is leadership and in so many parts of the world, people do all sorts of things to emerge leaders and Nigeria my beloved country is one of these nations where people do terrible things to become leaders and in all, Nigeria has failed in terms of leadership. Hungry men, blood sucking vampires suppressing the poor masses and dragging the nation to the dust. Nigeria gained her independence on the 1st of October 1960 from the British and was actually on the fore front of advancement until the 15th of January 1966.

What was the motive behind Major General Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu’s plot to overthrow the government?

Overthrowing a government by force has so many reasons behind it, either that the sitting government is not doing well, or maybe that a sect feels marginalized or that some hungry men want to be leaders. Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu the coup leader and his co plotters were all from one tribe and all the casualties of that coup were from other tribes, that coup led to the death of Sir Ahmadu Bello and some Northern elites. Perhaps the northerners were right to tag it a tribal coup.The then general officer commanding the Nigerian army, Major-General Johnson Thomas Umunakwe Aguiyi Ironsi was sworn-in as the Military Head of State of Nigeria. But six months afterwards, three Northern officers staged what they called a counter coup.

Lieutenant Colonel Murtala Muhammed had the desire to balance the stake.

The Military head of state and a score of military officers were killed in this coup. The coup leader and his co plotters were all from one tribe as well, it was vengeance and that was the beginning of our problem as a nation because after that coup, Nigeria as a nation was divided and what you see in a divided nation is nothing but confusion, hatred and accusation of marginalization thus the three years civil war which was a systematical means of one tribe to wipe out one tribe. After the end of the war and the fall of Biafra, orderliness but not unity was restored in Nigeria and General Yakubu Gowon who was installed head of state after the death of Aguiyi Ironsi and the main cause of the civil war ? promised to unite the nation.

Why did Murtala Muhammed unseat Yakubu Gowon?

In July 1975, five years after the civil war, a nation still under the healing process of wounds caused by war, General Murtala Muhammed masterminded the overthrow of the head of state and assumed power as the Military head of Sate.But not long after he took over, his past called on him and he left just the same way he came in. General Aguiyi Ironsi was not involved in the coup that gave him the mantle of leadership but he paid the ultimate price and was betrayed by even his own person, Murtala’s desire was simply to eliminate Aguiyi and that same fate he suffered on the 13th. of February 1976? in the hands of Lieutenant-colonel Bukur Suka Dimka and his loyalists. Their desire was to eliminate Murtala and they achieved it though it eventually cost them their lives.

On the 31st of December 1983, another hungry man emerged but this time, the casualty was not the head of state, he wasn’t the target but in all, bullets knows no one, perhaps it wasn’t his place in history, Brigadier Ibrahim Bako took the place of Alhaji Shehu Shagari and that gave way for General Muhammadu Buhari?to assume leadership. I was only ten years when Buhari came into power, i didn’t understand what was going on but i saw orderliness and discipline among every entity in the country, i heard my parents talked about his administration, people admired him but dose admiration of a head of state give him the security and trust needed to lead a stable government and unity a divided nation? Perhaps General Ibrahim Babangida is the best person to answer this question because Buhari reigned for only twenty months.

What was the desire of those that outed Buhari?

On the 27th. of? August 1985, General Babangida staged a well calculated coup in history, it was a palace coup, no lives was lost and he took over the mantle of leadership same year and became one of the richest head of state in Nigeria, during his reign, sometime in 1986, his very good friend, one hungrier than him; Major-General Mamman Vatsa led an abortive coup to overthrown his government but that move cost him and his fellow coup plotters their lives. General Babangida was seen as a leader eager to stabilize the nation so what wrong did Major-General Mamman Vatsa saw in him? Because to those that outed General Aguiyi Ironsi, he was a nonsense head of state, Danjuma, one of the key players in that coup said it. General Babangida went on to survive another coup which was the bloodiest in history.

On the 22nd. of April 1990, a group of young soldiers led by Captain Gideon Orka staged a coup which would have changed the face of Nigeria or cause another civil war but that move to unseat the most adorable head of state who was playing his card tactically caused him and his loyalists their lives and three years later, on the 2nd of October 1993,Lieutenant-Colonel Abubakar Umar got hungry but never made it to the presidential palace to satisfy his urge for a piece of the national cake.

Why did General Sani Abacha came on board?

General Ibrahim Babangida lead a divided nation and was able to plant in little trust in the nation, it was during his reign that someone like MKO Abiola emerged and won the hearts of every tribe but Babangida created a divided and senseless nation afterwards which Sani Abacha decided to redress on the 17th of November 1993, by sacking the interim government led by Dr Ernest Shonekon. And there was rumors of coup throughout his reign, although somehow he was overthrown but this time not with guns and he alone felt the pain.

Former head of state who served in 1979 and handed over to Shehu Shagari took over once again after the tragic death of General Sani Abacha, his duty was to reunite the nation but Oputa Panel was nothing but a failed attempt by the federal government of Nigeria under Retired General Olushegun Obansanjo to reconcile the grieved and divided people of Nigeria. Late Alhaji Musa Yar Dua was slow and the nation hatched to blow then somehow God intervened and although peace was not restored, love vanished and trust died, yet Godluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan, the Nigeria head of state was able to stabilize the nation. He did not held the nation under siege like his predecessors neither did he create more division, he wanted to heal but the wound is already a decade wound and only an amputation of the decade part can make the body whole again but Jonathan is not a good surgeon or perhaps, he lack the necessary equipments and knowledge to carry out an amputation.

Blood thirsty and deceitful men are everywhere and they want to hold the nation under siege, they want to inflict more wounds, they want to use one tool to degrade the nation perhaps milking the nation of her resources isn’t enough for them any more, destroying all the nation’s institutions is no more a means of gathering wealth. Nigeria the most populous and richest nation in Africa still lack to provide for her citizens, graduate roaming the street, mothers dying giving birth, power failure and lack of adequate medical care, lack of security to lives and properties, bad roads, inequality, lack of equity and justice are all culminated by the failure of the past administrations. Now, the same failed entities want to sell their acquired arms, they intend to systematically unrest 2015 by wrongfully, barbarically and unlawfully politicize the 2015 presidential election but just like Che said, so far the one next to me will pick my gun and keep firing when i fall, i will rest in peace.

Who is the revolutionary?

Source?Melvin Mobis

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