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Nigeria is Boiling And Yar?adua Wake Up! – III

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Written by Obinna Akukwe

Yaradua! Wake Up! Nigeria is still boiling. I want to use this opportunity of commemorating the 5th year of your demise to tell you that you have slept enough. Since January, I counted the time till this day to wake you up as usual on this anniversary of your untimely sleep.

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Yaradua wake up, lots has happened since I gave you the last public update in 2012.

Yaradua ,wake up, do you know that Muhammadu Buhari, that kinsman of yours from Daura, whom your godfather and President Obasanjo helped you rig out in 2007 during the infamous ?do or die? electoral brigandage, has reappeared again back to power through an election in which, despite hate campaigns, lies, misrepresentation of facts overheating of the polity and heavy inducement of voters from the treasury of state, he still emerged victorious.

Yaradua, do you know that while results were being collated, your junior brother Ebele Jonathan was assisted by another of your friend, in the person of former Military Head of State Abdulsalami Abubakar, to concede defeat to the opposition candidate, an act his supporters believe is a work of charm.

Yaradua, do you know that even your godfather, Olusegun Obasanjo, who helped you rig out Buhari in 2007, have turned to be one of the supporters-in-chief of the same person, and dumped your brother Ebele Jonathan due to style of governance.

Yaradua, remember I told you the last time that Turai , your wife was the most powerful First lady ever in Nigeria, and that your brother?s wife Patience is struggling with three woman Stella Oduah, Diezani Madueke and Okonjo Iwuala for the attention of your brother Ebele Jonathan.

A twist came about few months to the elections as Patience dribbled all these women the manner Messi dribbled Ronaldo the other day, and the manner Jay Jay Okocha used to dribble the Ivorian play-maker, Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast during African Nations Cup, and in the process became as powerful as your wife.

Yaradua do you know that James Ibori, your jailed political financier, has become very powerful even inside London prison. Do you know that your brother Ebele Jonathan even visited and begged for his forgiveness and support?

Yaradua do you know that your socialist friend Senator Chukwumerije is dead. He has joined the likes of Ezeigbo Gburugburu Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu , Prof Sam Aluko and others as I listed for you earlier. Why are death taking away progressives, socialists and patriots and leaving behind looters, hate campaigners, terrorist sponsors and divisive agents.

Yaradua, they even wished your kinsman death in the just concluded elections. Your brother Ebele Jonathan?s media aides told Nigerians that your kinsman Buhari will soon die in office as you did. The surprise, sir, is that Nigerians were not convinced by that death theory and thus filed out behind your kinsman in that presidential election.

Yaradua, another ?enfant terrible? in the person of Bola Tinubu has emerged as a political godfather in Nigeria. This former Governor colleague contributed significantly towards the victory of your kinsman. Your friends like Fashola. Amechi, Kwakwanso, Oshiomhole and Okorocha and many clerics, social activists, media activists, prayer warriors also contributed to Buhari?s victory.

Yaradua, do you know that the Nigerian Navy does not exist again. They only move about with their spotless white uniforms and end up in ballet dance, tompolo dance and sharwarma joints where they fulfill their national assignment with bottles of beer. Sir, their functions have handed over to some militants you rehabilitated like General Tomplo, Asari Dokubo, Ganiyu Adams and other gun wielding militias.

Yaradua do you know that the Boko Haram terrorists you routed in Maiduguri and chased into Chad and Cameroun, leading to the arrest and murder of their leader, later resurfaced at your death and overpowered the entire Nigerian army. Sir, do you know that even soldiers were removing their uniforms and dressing like women to escape with bloody civilians on rickety lorries because their commanders were sabotaging their efforts to fight the insurgents.

Yaradua, do you know that I even lost few soldier friends to the cold hands of Boko Haram because their superiors were leaking intelligence to the insurgents. Do you know that it is just two months ago, after five years of menace, that the Nigerian soldiers were able to pursue Boko Haram terrorist out of Nigeria.

Yaradua, do you recall how you ordered the then Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Bello Dambazzau and the GOC Jos Armoured Brigade, Brig-Gen Saleh Maina to Maidugeri and flush out Boko Haram Jihadists before you finish your first breakfast on your way to Brazil, and they did just that, and Nigeria had peace till you died. Sir, these terrorists were allowed to grow after your death by your brother Ebele Jonathan with the collusion of Ex-Governor Ali Modu Sheriff and some elements among Borno Elders, to the point that these murderers claiming to be Jihadists, invaded a predominantly Christian school in Chibok, kidnapped and raped to death over 250 teenage school girls ranging between 12 to 18 years.

Sir, even your brother Ebele Jonathan confessed that Boko Haram sponsors live with him in Aso Rock, FEC, and Military and yet he allowed them to destroy the few legacies he has left.
Yaradua, do you know that until recently, Boko Haram invaded and took over towns like Gwoza, Chibok, Gamboru, Ngala, Askira, Uba, Mubi, Biu, Baga and many others and hoisted their flag in the conquered territories. Somehow, sir, your brother just recently liberated these territories, and we give God glory for that.

Yaradua, you have slept enough, wake up and hear this latest update! Sir, do you know that looting in Nigeria has been elevated to the power seven. I told Nigerians in a write up that close to N1 trillion naira was shared to politicians, Emirs, Mallams, Obas, Ezes, Pastors, Imams six weeks to the presidential elections and I recently asked those who collected your brother?s money and betrayed him to return it to the treasury. Few days later, your brother followed the queue and reportedly asked aides and concerned persons to return the over N2 Trillion naira they took from him for the purposes of the elections. This issue of misused N2 Trillion naira has created a big crisis in the ruling party, because those who collected the money are denying, cursing and threatening fire and brimstone.

Yaradua, do you know that in the space of 18 months, a few persons stole $20 billion dollars. They actually failed to remit the said sum and when the CBN Governor, Sanusi 33Lamido, raised an alarm, he was sacked, a matter I openly wrote against severally. Sir, do you know that by my own estimate as contained in my write-up ?Stolen, $142 billion dollars Oil Revenue in the midst of National Poverty? that these people vamoosed about $142 billion dollars oil revenue in five years, funds not passed through the national budget, stating how I arrived at my figures. I believe that the looters rubbished the good intentions of your brother to transform Nigeria, by such levels of financial brigandage.

Yaradua , I believe that your brother meant well for Nigeria but he surrounded himself with people whose bad luck swallowed his good luck. They people used all manners of charms and incantations including Bayelsa Charms, Uromi Charms, Ogboni Charms, Indian Charms, Arabian Charms and even Charismatic Witchcraft to make this man clueless. It?s a pity the charms have all fallen off and the man is regretting why he mismanaged Nigeria.

Yardaua, the looters of Nigeria?s treasury are asking for spiritual helps, prayers and all that to evade a rumored Buhari prison. Some big thieves have even come to me for prayers and deliverance. Some are seeking for asylum, while others are crawling like lizards all over the world seeking for safe haven to hide their loot, without knowing that they are being traced all over. Sir, all this is because you slept for so long.

Sir, I warned you not to oversleep, or else they will destroy this nation but you ignored me and continued to enjoy paradise, the home of the righteous as illustrated in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21 which says ?Then I saw ?a new heaven and a new earth,?[a] for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. 2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ?Look! God?s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4 ?He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death? [b] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.?

Yaradua, you are the best ever civilian president to rule Nigeria. You shunned materialism, declared your assets, feted political opponents, instituted rule of law, flushed out Boko Haram, rehabilitated the militants, revoked some illegally acquired oil blocks, sacked corrupt ministers and died when we least expected, receiving the sacramental Extreme Unction blessings from Archbishop John Onaiyekan Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Emmanuel Kure, and Rev Prof Yusuf Obaje before you died.

Yaradua, maybe you shouldn?t wake up because, if I were in your position, I cannot abandon my place in paradise for anything in this wicked Nigeria. Rest in peace and wake up in the right place.

Source: Obinna Akukwe via profetobinna2@yahoo.com…facebook.com/obinnaakukwe…@ObinnaAkukwe

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