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Nigeria To Make History On February 14


By Prince Charles Dickson

“The People have a right, an indisputable, inalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge- I mean the character and conduct of their rulers. John Adams

Come February 14th, which also doubles as St. Valentine Day, it would be another day in the annals of Nigerian history as we attempt to go forward or again backward in electing our next President.

So whom will I vote for? Before I tell us, let me share the following admonition.

We have all come to the conclusion that the problem of Nigeria is the lack of political leaders with the will to pursue the right path to success, Some schools of though think otherwise…they say we have the men that can do it, the only problem is that these men do not have the money or the fraudulent political machinery to get to the top, in a phrase “they are clean”, infact too clean. Others think that we deserve what we get, some feel we are confused and others see hope.

Various arguments have their own merit, but in the next couple of lines I beg to introduce us to a man called Character, he is that “beautiful” man among the present set of people chanting around with the “Transformation”, and “Change” slogan.

I do not need any ex-Governor, ex-General or ex- PDP, ACD, DPP, PPP or P candidate, all I need is a chap called Character, of the present lot masquerading how many of them have the name Character.

The man called Character is my, and should be our, President come May 2015, that man has no ethnic affiliation or any regional bias. He is first a man of himself, no godfather, nor mother. He is the right man, think right, act right, be right man.

In one sweeping statement you can tell a lot about a men’s character by the way they eat beans. We know how these men eat beans both publicly and privately, so I will spare us the agony of whether Buhari has a birth certificate, PHCN bill and Jonathan?s flippant statements on corruption.

We need a leadership with the right perception of what we want, where we are going, because despite the fight against corruption, we can all see in leadership right from Aso Rock to a tiny ward in far away Birnin Kebbi, Characters with essential tendency of corruption in the way they lead, act, treat citizenry, and the conclusion in bitter words is exhibited through the structure of their bones, the blood that runs through the veins of those that are (s)elected to lead the affairs of this nation have become engine oil black from their treachery against the masses.

The unarguable truth is that try hard as these men feel that they can and want to lead us; it should be on our own terms not their own terms. For the association of ex-this and that, be it Governors, Senators, Generals, the fact is that Nigerians needs and want a man of Character and indeed positive Character. We should let all the forerunners to elective posts know that change of time cannot repair the defect of Character and that Character is easily kept than recovered.

We should ask seekers of elective offices to show us their public resume that contains a score on their Character, it is not strange that persons have called for psychiatric test for our leaders because their actions while in office smacks of nothing different from the abnormal.

In compensating the Yorubas we forgot to look for a leader that had Character of purpose, we turned the position to that of emotions, let us compensate…. like now it has become an emotional one for a lot of us, and we seem to forget that a good, leader with a strength of character and purpose will deliver the goods, and so also will a bad leader without character will do worse than Idi Amin, Mbotu and Obasanjo put together irrespective the person be South-South, East-North, or Middle Belt and Shoe.

We again want to sacrifice Character for ethnicity; the last experience was to settle Abiola and the Yorubas, unfortunately many Yorubas will tell you truthful that they benefited nothing from an Obasanjo Presidency, how much has the south Soauth benefited from Goodluck?

Today as the search for who governs who goes full throttle we need someone from anywhere that has a grasp of the issues, that knows where there is a “NEED”…For example the entire energy sector has been a big fraud and failure under the present REGIME, while it has done a lot on roads, agriculture and the trains that I have not seen.

A leader that is like an angel with one wing and knows that the masses are the other wing and together we can fly embracing each other. We need that man called Character, a man above mediocrity, and a man who like the present bunch is not part of the problem because we can never solve a problem on the level, which it was created.

If we had a leadership worth its Character, what we have earned in the last seven years is enough for us to have a Nigerian State that is worth and as good as its promise to its citizenry, rather continuously the question of the debt to times, debt to countrymen, debt to neighbors has been the essence of all the PDP and its paraphernalia has left or will leave us with as national character and trust me the APC is not any better.

I end by saying that he that is cheated twice by the same man is an accomplice with the cheater…Where do we stand as part of this enterprise of Nigeria, is it ours, or theirs or for all of us and them. What we are afraid of doing is a clear indicator of what we need to do, our worries in the lack of leadership gradually is becoming a master to us.

As the elections draw close, may we have the character to act, and the man who will act with character? in Nigeria a word is never enough for the wise, because he is really not wise in character? I make case for the candidature of Mr. Character for the position of President, for the position of governors, as Senators and Members of the lower chamber–I will vote Character and will there be change–Only time will tell

Prince Charles Dickson

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