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Nigeria Set to Unveil Cutting-Edge 1.4 Petabyte Data Centre

Datacentre image source: www.telegraph.co.uk
image source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Nigeria is on the brink of launching a cutting-edge data centre boasting an impressive storage capacity of up to 1.4 petabytes by May 29, 2024.

The Interior Ministry of Nigeria revealed this significant development, with Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, the Minister of Interior, making the announcement during a recent meeting with a delegation from the National Union of Nigerian Associations in Italy (NUNAI) at his office in Abuja.

Dr. Tunji-Ojo emphasized that the data centre will serve as a pivotal hub for housing a comprehensive range of critical national information, including citizens’ bio-data. The capacity of 1.4 petabytes underscores the immense scale of storage capability this facility will offer.

To put this into perspective, one petabyte is equivalent to a thousand terabytes, a million gigabytes, or one quadrillion bytes. In physical terms, it’s akin to 20 million tall filing cabinets or a staggering 500 billion pages of standard printed text.

This forthcoming data centre marks a significant leap forward for Nigeria’s digital infrastructure, promising enhanced data storage and management capabilities to support various sectors and government functions. Its launch represents a strategic move towards harnessing technology to drive innovation and efficiency across the nation.

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