Nigerian police
Nigerian police

Minister of Defense Mansur Dan Ali disclosed this during an audience with top officials of the management of Center for Crisis Communication (CCC) in Abuja, the country’s capital city.

Nigerian police
He said the military is not expected to be saddled with the civil responsibility of keeping law and order in every liberated community while at the same time be engaged in the continuous mop operation across the length and breadth of the northeast.

“As we fight and clear out the terrorists in the different communities and towns in the North-East, we expect the Nigeria Police and the Civil Defense to hold ground in the freed areas,” he added.

This will enable the troops to concentrate in advancing into more areas of operation without being distracted by the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the liberated areas, the minister told his guests.

Dan Ali also expressed concern over the increasing spate of Fulani-farmers clashes and kidnapping in some parts of the country and gave assurance that the government would continue to engage community leaders and traditional rulers to find common ground and lasting solutions to incessant crises.

The minister called upon members of the public, particularly the civil society groups and non-governmental organizations to do more especially in bringing their specialized interventions in the internally displaced camps and in the liberated areas where people are currently returning back. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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