Nigerian leader hails de-listing of Nigeria from polio endemic nations

The successful de-listing of Nigeria from polio endemic nations by the World Health Organization was an enormous achievement for the West African country, Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari said Wednesday.


Buhari said the issue of polio eradication was a matter he and his predecessors had given the highest priority, attributing its gradual eradication in Nigeria to commitments and hard work of the country’s development partners.

Buhari Nigeria has been plagued by the polio disease, caused by the wild polio virus, for many decades. The disease usually deforms children and sometimes leads to death.

The last incident of polio recorded by Nigeria occurred in July 2014, at Sumaila district of the northwestern state of Kano.

The West African nation was declared polio-free for recording no new case for more than one year.

“Of course, I also recognize the heroics of our polio eradication team,” the Nigerian leader said in Abuja, while addressing a delegation led by American business magnate, Bill Gates and a famous Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote.

He said government will set up a presidential task force on polio, with an objective of sustaining the success of Nigeria’s current polio eradication activities, such as surveillance and routine immunization programs.

The government will also continue to provide strong oversight and funding for polio programs, he added. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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