Nigerian leader meets with Bring Back Our Girls group

Bring Back Our Girls
Bring Back Our Girls

Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday met with the Bring Back Our Girls group advocating the rescue of more than 200 schoolgirls abducted in Chibok community in Nigeria’s northern Borno State more than a year ago.

Bring Back Our Girls
Bring Back Our Girls
The meeting was held between government of the West African country and the advocacy group since the devastating incident occurred more than 435 days ago. Some parents of the missing girls were also present at the meeting held at the presidential palace in the Nigerian capital Abuja.

The Bring Back Our Girls group led by Oby Ezekwesili, a former vice president of the World Bank, had been agitating for a heart- to-heart meeting with government, an opportunity to clearly state their reasons for advocating the schoolgirls’ release and to receive the official clarification on efforts so far taken by the government.

President Buhari told the group that the government had not reneged its plans to bring back the missing schoolgirls safely. He said Nigerian authorities would collaborate with governments of neighboring African countries to rescue the teenagers.

Leader of the advocacy group, Ezekwesili, urged the Nigerian government to be up and doing with its rescue mission, to reignite the hope of Nigerians, particularly the more devastated Chibok community, noting many have lost hope on what government could do.

“Our Chibok girls have stayed way beyond an acceptable amount of time in the hands of savages. And it is time for their government to bring them back. The rescue of our Chibok girls will be the strongest statement that this government will make for having respect for the sanctity and dignity of every Nigerian life, ” she said.
The meeting was attended by Nigerian vice president, Yemi Osinbajo and the country’s military chiefs. Enditem


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