Nigerian unicorn Interswitch bundles all 20 platforms into one


Nigeria’s first unicorn, Interswitch, has bundled all its 20 API products into one platform, developers’ console.

At its <codecallafrica/> event held at Zone Tech last Thursday, the platform announced the new development will grant customers access to the company’s products with little or no customer support.

“Before now, developers had to contact us whenever they needed to integrate without an API,” said Abdul-Hafiz Ibrahim, the company’s head of engineering for payment services. “You can now go on the platform to call whatever API you need without necessarily having to call anyone at Interswitch for support.”

Since 2004, Interswitch has developed several APIs to help companies take advantage of its fintech solutions. The Paycode API powers cardless transactions and helps customers withdraw cash by generating a 10–14-digit code on their bank mobile app. The value-added services API helps businesses automate bill payment and airtime recharge to their customers; while the lending services API enables lenders to automate their credit scoring system, conveniently disburse and collect loans, and access customer transaction history.

Previously, if any company wanted to access these APIs, they’d have to reach out to Interswitch, and this accounted for countless hours of customer service. Now, developers can access the APIs without reaching out to Interswitch.

Interswitch also launched developer community, a Slack community built to connect engineers to share knowledge, problems, and solutions. The community already has over 800 members.

This isn’t Interswitch’s first time launching an API aggregator.👀 In 2020, the company launched developers’ console which reportedly should have given developers the same access it’s now announcing.

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