The UK and Ireland Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah, has assured Ghanaian students on government scholarship studying in the United Kingdom, of the NDC administration?s commitment to small and medium scale business.

Nii Ayi Ankrah therefore encouraged the students not look back if it is time to go back home at the end of their course.

Mr Ankrah, an educationist and patron of the Association, also called on the students to be law abiding and be an inspiration to the non-Ghanaian students they come across on various campuses in the United Kingdom.

He made the statement in an address to inaugurate the Association of Ghanaian Students, Coventry University London Campus, in the United Kingdom.

?After talking to most of you since last March, I am convinced that you are all very patriotic sons and daughters of Ghana who want to excel in the UK, return to Ghana and put to good use what you have come over to study?, Nii Ayi Ankrah told the students.

He said President Mills? administration is aware of how important small and medium scale businesses are, not only as the pillars of an economy that is built to last the test of time, but something the administration intends to make uniquely Ghanaian.
According to him, the NDC administration is committed to ensuring that not only will it continue to create the atmosphere for the formation and profitability of small businesses, but ensure such small businesses continue to be the basis of the overall health of Ghana?s vibrant and innovative economy.

?The current administration will continue to ensure that it maintains an atmosphere where larger businesses will not take advantage of small ones?.

He encouraged them to participate fully in the Ghanaian economy ?by being innovative and employing yourselves, I can assure you that in the coming years Ghanaians will witness a Mills? administration that will encourage the franchise sector as an area that will create more jobs and more money in the total economic output?.

?With such commitment, the Mills? administration will, in the next term, continue to put small businesses at the forefront of technological and managerial innovations as we fight graduate unemployment; government will encourage people to be creative?, he assured the students.

Source Joy News Ghana


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