Nii Okaidjah III-Gbese Mantse
Nii Okaidjah III-Gbese Mantse

Nii Okaidjah IIII, Gbese Mantse and Adonten of the Ga State has reacted strongly to the recent utterances by Otoga in his re-claim that he is the Ga Djaasetse and also taking credit that Accra is enjoying peaceful existence.

Nii Okaidjah III-Gbese Mantse
Nii Okaidjah III-Gbese Mantse

In his interview with the press today, Nii Okaidja III said:

?Of course, there is peace in Accra now; thanks to the vast number of law abiding people who do NOT respond to such utterances with violence, as those in Otoga?s camp do. Just when some of us are trying so hard to bring about respect for the law and decency into our society then he rekindles old issues which have been resolved. It?s like taking two steps forward and four steps backwards.?

Nii Okaidja III continued, ?thanks to the fact that; (1) Otoga and his group are not now installing another ?Ga Mantse? and causing mayhem in the process as they did on the 11th June 2011 and beyond; when in fact the incumbent Ga Mantse, King Tackie Tawiah III was alive and in office. At that same time, there was a ruling given by the Regional House of Chiefs, Dodowa dated 18th July 2008. A ruling which confirmed King Tackie Tawiah?s position as the Ga Mantse and also affirmed that he must carry on performing his duties as the Ga Mantse. Any law abiding person should know that with such a ruling you DO NOT enstool another chief. You appeal against the Ruling. At worse, you attempt to destool the incumbent chief before you enstool a new one. That way, you are seen to be law abiding and peaceful to yourself, to the Ga State and ultimately to the nation.?

?(2) There is peace in Accra now because Otoga and his group are not now breaking into the Stool House (Seishia) at Abola causing mayhem in the process as they did on the 12th June 2011. The decent followers of King Tackie Tawiah did not fight back simply because they are law abiding people who have respect and love for the Ga state. (3) There is peace in Accra now because Otoga and his group are not now invading the Ga Traditional Council with guns, machetes and cutlasses and causing mayhem in the process as they did on 13th June 2011 when they threw out the bonafide members and co-opted members which included the Ga Djaasetse, Nii Tetteh Quaye II. (4) Otoga MUST therefore remember that, the present membership of the Ga Traditional Council is unconstitutional as it was re-formed out of a coup d??tat. Traditional Councils are products of statute; therefore attacking it, removing legitimate occupants by force and occupying it with your own people does not make it legal at all.?

In any case, was it the same Otoga who conducted a press conference on the 24th January 2013 at the very same Ga Traditional Council which he and his cohorts had wrecked and unashamedly sat on some of the damaged furniture while the severely damaged ones were dumped in the back ground? (See photo, Ghanaian Times, Friday January 25, 2013) All the records are available and will be produced in court at the appropriate time. In law, criminality has no limit. The wheels of justice also turn slowly but it catches on eventually!?

Nii Okaidja III continued to say that, ?Otoga referref to the decent and law abiding Nii Tetteh Quaye II as a charlatan. Isn?t that rather misplaced? Because a charlatan is someone who claims to be what he is NOT. When both Otoga and Nii Tetteh Quaye together with all the stakeholders of the Ga Djaase were invited by a specially appointed Arbitrator of the High Court to resolve the issue, it was he, Otoga, who refused to attend despite strong persuasionObviouslyhis claim for something he is not makes him a charlatan. The true Ga Djaasetse, Nii Tetteh Quaye II attended every meeting and the issue was once again resolved with being the one and only Ga Djaasetse.

Otoga cannot now start his false claims yet again by citing an old suggestion from the late Peter Ala Adjetey?s era. We move forward not backwards. Litigations MUST come to an end at some point so that we all can concentrate on the development of the Ga people. It is obvious that we sunk so low in the league due to these unending disputes in the Ga state. Let us rise above these mischief-makings.?

I also understand that Otoga referred to others as ?nation wreckers?. But Nation wreckers are those who do not respect the laws of the nation- for example, ignoring the Dodowa judgment or ignoring the provision of the Chieftaincy Act. Nation wreckers attack, wreck and use force instead of settling issues in court or arbitration. Nation wreckers are those who accept favours in post which under normal circumstances they would not be qualified to hold.

Nation wreckers are those who use their new-found position to defraud others by promising USA visas for unassuming individuals as exposed in the ?Informer? (Monday May 21-Tues May 22, 2012)
There is a natural tendency for some people to be perpetually bitter as a result of their previous misdemeanor or having been caught out. In this situation, they became revengeful and their behavior becomes totally unreasonable.

Otoga was sued by King Tackie Tawiah III, as Ga Mantse for defaming him as Ga Mantse and won the case as Ga Mantse. When Otoga was unable to pay for the damages because he did not have the money, King Tackie Tawiah III, obtained a Court Order again as Ga Mantse, to have Otoga?s house sold to defray part (not all) of the damages to him as Ga Mantse.
Otoga should learn to relax, bring his thoughts into the mainstream realism and put the needs of the Ga people at the forefront. It will help him immensely because I understand that plans are afoot to re-open this mater in court.

Having said that, I also believe that, all litigations must come to an end at some point. Those who prolong litigations are seen to be non-progressive, inward looking and suppressors of youth developments. They must remember though, that by their deeds the law will catch up with them eventually. Their masters; their backers; their instigators and supporters are also warned that no condition is permanent.

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